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  1. Liberia (Dinar)
  1. Bush Asks Liberia's Taylor to Leave Country ( - Clarke and Wilson)
      "Taylor's fate is the key to resolving Liberia's crisis. His foes from a civil war that cost 200,000 lives in the 1990s started a new war to oust him three years ago and now control nearly two-thirds of the country." 7-03

  2. Liberia Profile (BBC News)
      Provides a history of LIberia, including a section on its leaders, and other key facts. 8-03

  3. Liberia Timeline (BBC News)
      Provides a history of LIberia from 1847 through 2003. 8-03

  4. Taylor, Charles: A Profile (CNN)
      "Taylor, who has been accused by human rights groups of masterminding conflicts across the region, was indicted in June by a U.N.-backed war crimes court in neighboring Sierra Leone on charges he armed and trained rebels in exchange for diamonds during the country's 10 years of civil war in which an estimated 50,000 people died." 7-03


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