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South Africa


  1. South African Schools on the Net (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
Lesson Plans
  1. Grade 1 - Curriculum Guides - South Africa (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
      Provides a teacher's guide and pupil's workbooks.

  1. South Africa (Dinar)
  2. South African Education Information - Government Sources (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
      Provides curriculum materials, issue papers and much more.

  3. South African Education Resources (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
      Provides lists of school networks and teaching aids.

  4. South African Search Engine (Anzanzi)
      Searches for information from Web sites that are from South Africa. 9-02

  5. South African State of Education (Siyafunda Sunday Times)
      Provides interesting papers on the status of African education.

  1. South African News (
      Provides news directly from the country.

  1. -001 Nelson Mandela Has Died (Awesome
      Nelson Mandela, one of the most inspirational figures of the 20th century, has died. 12-13

  2. Mandela, Nelson (Awesome Library)
  3. Oprah Opens School in South Africa (CSB News)
      "Oprah Winfrey headed a celebrity lineup that included Tina Turner and Spike Lee at the opening of her school for poor South African girls." 01-07

  4. Preschool Math in South Africa (Siyafunda Sunday Times - Anstey)
      News article shows how math is being taught more successfully with new methods.

  5. South Africa (
      Provides information on the land, history, and people. 7-02


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