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  1. Somalia (Dinar)
      Provides a dozen annotated links. 12-01

  1. Somalia News (
      Provides news stories from a Somali perspective. 12-01

  2. Somalia News (WorldNews Network -
      Provides news stories from a Western perspective. 12-01

  1. Mogadishu Battle Between USA and Somalia Military (PBS - Frontline)
      Provides interviews and other sources of information on the fiercest battle the USA has engaged since the Vietnam War. 10-01

  2. Reaching the Young Through Music (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Hip-hop group Waayaha Cusub, or "New Era," is gaining the ear of Somalis from as far away as the US and Europe, but their controversial message challenges traditional norms and is attracting threats of violence."

      " 'The music is different now, we are bringing a change to the youth,' says the group's founder, manager, and main song writer, Shine Abdullahi. 'The big change is that we have inspired young kids in Somalia who were carrying guns and doing drugs.' "

      "Mr. Abdullahi says his group is one of the first groups anywhere to make Somali music for young people. The older generation only makes traditional music about their problems and old-school love songs, he says. But, besides the main theme of reconciliation among Somalia's warring clans and peace in the region, Waayaha Cusub sings and makes videos about how badly AIDS has ravaged their society. It's a taboo subject among Somalis, many of whom prefer to think of AIDS as a disease for Christians, especially white people, say group members." 09-07

  3. Somalia (
      Provides descriptions of the land, economy, education, government, culture, history, and people. Includes tourist information. 12-01

  4. Somalia (CIA Factbook)
      Provides a map and short descriptions of the land, economy, government, and people. 12-01

  5. Somalia (Library of Congress)
      Provides descriptions of the land, economy, education, government, history, and people. One of the most comprehensive resources. 12-01

  6. Somalia (Lonely Planet)
      Provides a recent history of the war-torn nation.10-01

  7. The Suffering of Somalia (
      "Somalia is not so much a failed state as a didn't-even-try one. It hasn't had a government since 1991, when warlords took over and embarked on a series of intractable clan wars that have produced one of the world's worst humanitarian crises: hundreds of thousands dead and 3 million people desperately in need of aid." 04-09


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