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  1. -10-01-05 Five Million Face Starvation in Malawi (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Famine is once again stalking Africa's poorest nations as new figures released on Friday show that the food crisis in Malawi is much worse than anticipated."

      "Aid agencies now say that at least five million people face starvation this winter." 9-05

  2. -12-01-05 Malawi Poverty and Disease: Half Face Starvation (CNN News)
      "This is one of the world's 10 poorest countries; life expectancy is a mere 37 years; two-thirds of the population live on less than a dollar a day; one in six adults is HIV positive, and nearly half the population of 12 million faces starvation in coming months if help doesn't arrive soon."

      "That's 5 million people, which is half the population of London or New York City."

      "Malawi is in deep trouble after a fourth straight season of failed rains, which made farmlands and fields bone dry. November was supposed to usher in the rainy season -- but the skies were a clear blue and no clouds are in sight."

      "The majority of Malawians are subsistence farmers - and they are crying out for help."


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