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Personal Disaster Checklist
R. Jerry Adams, Ph.D.

In order to respond effectively to a disaster, everyone needs to know what to have if stranded in a home, apartment, shelter, or even outdoors. The following checklist will help you determine what is essential to last up to a week without outside assistance. The checklist assumes that you have no outside sources of electricity, water, or food.

A. Water (check):
__clean then fill bathtub
__turn off water supply for hot water heater (to prevent contaminated water from entering)
__gallon water containers
__foam ice chest with a cover, filled with ice
__sturdy cup or glass for drinking
__pot with lid (for heating water)
__small camping stove (for boiling "clean" water to ensure that it is sanitary or distilling polluted water)
__large (pot-size) freezer bag (for catching distilled water: get condensed water to drip from pot the lid) Water must be distilled if it is polluted; boiling will not be sufficient to make it safe

B. Food (check):
__canned food with high energy value, such as tuna
__other high energy food not needing refrigeration, such as peanut butter
__plate, bowl, spoon, fork, knife, manual can opener

C. Sanitation (check):
__toilet paper
__large garbage can with lid and large garbage bags with ties
__stoppers in tubs, basins, and showers to prevent sewer from backing up into house

D. Rescue (check):
__ a hand-crank-powered radio/light/sirene for news and to help notify rescuers of your presence, especially at night. A TV tuner would also be helpful since local radio stations with reporters are almost a thing of the past.
__ax or hachet for cutting though roof or blocked exits

E. Security (check):
__armed national guard or other security stationed at each shelter
__picture of each family member with each family member for reuniting if separation happens
__agreement on out of state "safe" number for each family member for reuniting if separation happens

F. First Aid (check):
__first aid kit; at least antiseptic and bandages

G. Comfort/Rest (check):
__small pillow
__small blanket
__spare socks and underwear
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