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An Interview with Rajmohan Gandhi
Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, pioneer of passive resistance, has been recognized as one of the greatest figures of the 20th Century.   Albert Einstein said,

Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.

Part of Mahatma Gandhi's legacy is his two grandsons, both of whom are working for peace in India and the world at large.   Awesome Library's Jerry Adams interviewed Rajmohan Gandhi, one of the two grandsons, at Portland State University on August 14, 1998.   The topic was "How do we achieve world peace within 50 years?"

Awesome Library-   "What message would you like to give to the children of the world to help them work on world peace?"

Rajmohan Gandhi-   "First we should listen to the children.   What is their experience of the world?   What are their concerns?   What advice do they have for us?   They know more of their world than I do."

"Then I would speak from my own experience and share my experience as it relates to their concerns."

Awesome Library-   "It makes sense that we should listen to children if we expect to work together with them.   What are your views on the root causes of conflict between groups?"

Rajmohan Gandhi-

"Selective history"
"Ambition to play on the hurt and angry feelings of others"
"Leaders helping us escape from economic, educational, and health problems with emotional reactions"
"Finding a scapegoat in the stranger;   blaming the stranger"

Awesome Library-   "What is the antidote?   What will fix this?"

Rajmohan Gandhi-   "Humanity needs to realize that there is no 'stranger;'   we need to know that the 'enemy' is like us;   we need to see the 'enemy' in ourselves.   Our 'enemies' are more like us than different.   We must realize four things, actually:"

1. "The 'enemy' is me"
2. "Hatred injures ourselves more than those we hate"
3. "Forgiveness is possible; we can be healed"
4. "Perpetrators can repent and be forgiven"

"Blame, hate and war do not help us.   We have tried them for centuries, but they do not help."

Awesome Library-   "How do we get humanity to realize this?   How do we move humanity in this direction?"

Rajmohan Gandhi-   "We should use every means we can.   Radio, TV, parents, curriculums, charismatic leaders, prayer.   We need to become clear about our individual role to contribute in any of these areas.   I myself find that prayer is very important."

Awesome Library-   "If you were asking world leaders questions about how we can achieve peace, what would you ask them?"

Rajmohan Gandhi-
"I would ask world leaders these questions:"
"What was the most difficult experience of your life?"
"What was the most hope-giving experience of your life?"
"What major step in your life would you do differently?"
"If you had only 60 seconds to address humankind, what would you say?"

Awesome Library-   "Thank you for taking the time to speak to us on how we can create world peace."

And, dear readers, if you had only 60 seconds to address humankind, what would you say?   Let us hear from you.
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