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  1. Building Materials (Building Online)
  2. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  3. Home Improvement Resources by Subject (Mindspring) 2-00
  4. Home Improvement and Maintenance Hints (Lowes)
  1. Allergies - Green Label Certified Vacuum Cleaners (
      Provides a list of vacuum cleaners that have been Green Label Certified. 9-03

  2. Best and Worst Remodeling Projects (U.S. News)
      "Before you get started on that family room addition, take a moment to consider its potential return. Each year, Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report provides a fascinating look at the percentage of a home improvement project's costs that are likely to be recouped at resale. The report finds that not all home remodeling jobs are created equal—you'll probably get more of your investment back after building a wooden deck, for example, than adding a sunroom." 01-10

  3. Cleaning Granite Countertops (
      "In general, all that is required to maintain the appearance of your granite is to wash it frequently with lukewarm, clean water, then wipe with a clean soft cotton cloth and allow to air dry thoroughly ." 08-11

  4. Furnace Reviews (
      "The Classic 90 Plus with Comfort Control can maintain the temperature of your house to within .5 of a degree. The AFUE of this model is 94.3% and capacities range from 60,000 to 120,000 BTU." 5-05

  5. Furniture Layout (Sheffield)
  6. Household Repairs and Improvements (
      "If you´re considering a home improvement project, chances are Danny has covered it on a show. The following articles and videos and others located throughout the site cover a broad range of topics for home enthusiasts interested in improving their homes and yards." 08-07

  7. How Stuff Works (How Stuff Works - Brain))
      Provides information on how things work in your house.

  8. Installing Glass Bricks (
      Shows how to install acrylic "glass" blocks. 5-05

  9. Installing Glass Bricks (
      Shows how to install glass blocks. 5-05

  10. Interior Design Degrees Online (
      Provides a description of online degrees that can be obtained. 06-11

  11. Reviews of Local Services (
      Rates profesional services. 06-09

  12. Sanding the Floor (
      Provides a guide to refinishing a wood floor. 08-11

  13. Saving Money When Shopping for Food (Urban Programs Resource Network - Reuter)
      Recommends ways to cut costs when buying food. 11-03

  14. Tips for Homes 1 (
      Provides articles to fix common problems in homes. 12-00

  15. Tips for Homes 2 (
      Provides articles to fix common problems in homes. 12-00

  16. Tips on Household Projects (
      Provides tips on household projects. 11-13

  17. Vacuum Cleaning Guidelines (
      Suggests frequency of cleaning to reduce allerens for allergy sufferers. 9-03

  18. Water Heaters - How They Work (
      Shows water heaters operate. 12-00

  19. Watering Houseplants (Prairie Yard and Garden)
      Provides directions on watering houseplants to avoid over watering or over drying. 10-09

Purchase Resources
  1. Suppliers for Household Improvement Work (
      Provides suppliers and recommendations by subject. Awesome Library does not endorse these products or services but provides them as examples. 12-05


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