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  1. Making Your Home Feel Bigger (U.S. News)
      "Architect Sarah Susanka shares her secrets for making a house seem larger than it actually is." 06-09

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  1. Reviews of Dehumidifiers (
      "The presence of humid air in a room can cause mold and mildews which will in turn cause allergies and respiratory problems to its occupants. Having a good dehumidifier will lessen or eliminate the risk for such health problems." 06-14

  2. Reviews of Humidifiers (
      "Since cool-mist humidifiers don't boil water, they are more energy-efficient and safer than warm-mist humidifiers. The Kenmore 8-Gallon Humidifier is a cool-mist model that performs very well in testing; its humidistat allows the unit to maintain a preset target humidity level, and it can humidify up to 1,700 square feet." 03-08


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