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  1. Coupons for Discounts (Awesome Library)
      Provides coupons for discounts in thousands of retail stores. Also includes a coupon for a free 8x10 JCPenney portrait, including a free sitting, for Awesome Library visitors. 06-06

  2. Lessons Learned from Spending $1 a Day on Food (
      "Most people donít think of their local drug store as a place to get free food, but if you have any of the three big national chains near you (CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid), they are a great place to get free food. These drug stores often have deals where you can purchase things for free and when combined with frequent offers of a certain dollar amount off when you buy a qualifying amount, it can mean free food." 08-10

  3. Spending $1 a Day on Food (
      "His biggest struggles actually didn't involve getting enough food or going over his budget. Throughout the challenge, he wound up donating tons of surplus purchases to food banks, and, toward the end of the experiment, money wasn't much of an issue." 08-10


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