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  1. Comparison of Maximum Performance of Popular Toilet Models (
      Provides the maximum performance (MaP) of popular toilets with 1000 grams as the best performing and 250 grams as the poorest performing. For example, the American Standard Cadet 3 is available for $100 - $150 and has the highest performance rating of 1000 grams; for the same price, Gerber offers the Maxwell with models performing at only 300 grams. 07-11

  2. Comparison of Toto Toilets (
      "Toto toilets are quickly becoming the standard by which other toilets are judged. We at have compiled the most comprehensive Toto toilet review site available, featuring side-by-side comparison...." 11-09

  3. Gerba: Toilet Seats Among the Cleanest Places in Bathrooms - No Kidding (ABC News)
      " 'Really the cleanest areas in the bathroom are actually the door handle and the toilet seat,' said Gerba." 10-05

  4. Selecting Toilets (Awesome Library)
      Provides some guidelines for selecting a toilet. 12-09

  5. Toilets - History of the Toilet (
      "There is disagreement over who was the inventor of the modern flush toilet, and flushing out the truth is not easy. Many give credit to THOMAS CRAPPER (1837-1910), an English sanitary engineer, for inventing the valve~and~siphon arrangement that made our modern toilet possible. Then there are others who maintain that our hero was a nameless MINOAN (a native of ancient Crete) who lived some 4,000 years ago. And then there are those who give the credit to ALEXANDER CUMMING who patented a flushing device in 1775." 11-04

  6. Toilets - Low Water Usage (
      Compares different low-flow toilets and describes how they work. Recommends several and suggests that early models did not work well. 12-00

  7. Toilets - The Lazy Flush (
      Shows how to fix a "lazy" flush. 11-04

  8. Toilets - The Lazy Flush and "Blue Goo" (
      Shows how using some blue tablets in the toilet tank can cause the toilet to have a "lazy" flush. 11-04

  9. Toilets for the Twenty-First Century (ABC News)
      "These aren't your typical loos. One uses microwave energy to transform human waste into electricity. Another captures urine and uses it for flushing. And still another turns excrement into charcoal."

      "To pass the foundation's threshold for the world's next toilet, it must operate without water, electricity or a septic system, not discharge pollutants, preferably capture energy or other resources and operate at a cost of 5 cents a day."

      "The United Nations estimates disease caused by unsafe sanitation results in about half the hospitalizations in the developing world. About 1.5 million children die each year from diarrheal disease." 08-12

  1. Toilets - Installation (
      Shows how to replace a bathroom toilet. 12-00

  2. Toilets - Repair and Installation (
      Shows how to fix or replace a bathroom toilet. 11-04


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