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Lesson Plans
  1. -Begin - Search Tips (Awesome Library)
      A starting point for the beginner in searching either the Awesome Library or the Web.

  2. Building a School Web Site (The Jade Writers Group, Ltd. - Wigglebits)
      Provides a series of tutorials covering most or all of the basic tasks in creating a Web site. For the beginner. 1-00

  3. Computer Lessons by Topic (
      Provides resources by topic.

  4. HTML Tutorial (Shemitz)
      Provides systematic instruction on how to write in HTML for Netscape 2.0.

  5. Language Lessons by Topic (
      Provides resources by topic. 3-00

  6. Librarians - Lessons for Librarians (Chamberlain)
      Provides 30 lessons for librarians with little or no experience with the Internet. Useful for teachers and school administrators also.

  7. Technology - Integrating Technology (TeachNet)
      Provides lessons. 10-09


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