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  1. By Directory or Search Engine (
      Provides hundreds of recipes. 3-02

  2. By Directory or Search Engine ( - Brocard)
      Provides over 100,000 recipes. 3-02

  3. By Search Engine (Hurenius)
      Provides over 2000 recipes by type. 3-02

  4. By Type of Recipe (
      Provides recipes by type. 3-02

  5. By Type of Recipe (
      Provides recipes by type.

  6. By Type of Recipe (
      Provides recipes by type. 3-02

  7. By Type of Recipe (
      Provides recipes by type. 3-02

  8. History of Recipes and Use of Foods (Morris County Library -Olver)
      Provides a timeline for when certain foods and recipes began to be used. Guess when popcorn or sandwiches started to appear. 1-05

  9. Recipe Finder (
      Provides recipes by type of dish, cuisine, cookbook, or ingredients.

  10. Recipes (Epicurious)
      Provides many sources of information related to cooking, including many kinds of recipes, and also links to travel. 2-00

  11. Seafood (
      Provides sources of recipes and online sources of seafood. 3-02

  1. -02-02-13 Healthiest Cooking Methods (
      "There are plenty of ways to cook up juicy and flavorful food without adding tons of unnecessary extras. While most people know to ditch the fryer when cooking up healthy meals, many don’t think about how their cooking method affects the nutritional make-up of their entrée." 02-13

  1. Hottest Hot Peppers (
      "The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. Its name alone would cause many people to question putting it in their mouths. But now there’s no question, as it’s been identified as the spiciest pepper on the planet." 02-12

  2. Recipe Search (Meals for
      Provides thousands of recipes through the keyword search.

  3. Recipe Search Engines (
      Provides two dozen search engines. 5-02

  4. Recipes (Betty Crocker)
      Provides recipes for main dishes, desserts, side dishes and more. Allows you to search by dish or ingredient. Also provides helpful information for measurements, substitutions, and microwave cooking.

  5. Recipes - Listed Alphabetically (
      Provides a list of dozens of recipes. 3-02

  6. Recipes - Listed Alphabetically by Source (
      Provides a list of over 100 sources of recipes. 3-02

  7. Recipes and Projects (Kraft)
      Provides projects and recipes. 10-09

  8. Recipes for a Year (
      Provides enough recipes to last a year. 11-01

  1. Recipes (Epicurious)
      Provides recipes. 11-09


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