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Wellness Diets

  1. -Foods to Avoid (
      "In a 2012 UCLA study published in the Journal of Physiology, researchers found that a diet high in fructose over time can damage your memory and learning ability." 03-15

  2. -Study: Low-Carb Diet Excels (USA TodayCNN News)
      "A review of 17 different studies that followed a total of 1,141 obese patients on low-carb eating plans — some were similar to the Atkins diet — found that dieters lost an average of almost 18 pounds in six months to a year."

      "Low-carb eating plans slash the consumption of breads, pasta, potatoes, rice, cakes, cookies and some fruits and starchy vegetables while beefing up intake of fish, chicken, beef, eggs, butter, cheese and some vegetables and fruits." 08-12

  3. 50 Healthiest Foods (
      "Eating healthy shouldn’t be complicated. To make it simple, TIME has curated a list of the 50 healthiest foods you should be eating now." 05-18

  4. Diets that Have Always Promoted Health (US News)
      "The focus is on finding the overall combination of foods that are associated with better health, without necessarily pinpointing individual elements of the diet that are responsible. That may involve studying how people in different areas of the world eat or, here at home, using statistics to study which foods the healthiest among us consume. 'You find out who's healthy, then ask what they're eating and how much they exercise,' says K. Dun Gifford, founder and president of Oldways Preservation Trust, the Boston-based food issues think tank that developed the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. (More later on the exercise element, which often gets lost when people try to adopt a healthier diet.)" 04-08

  5. Fat vs Carbs (
      "Last month, the National Obesity Forum, a UK body for health professionals involved in weight management, made headlines when it overhauled its advice, telling people to ditch calorie-counting, low-fat foods and carbs in favour of fats." 06-16

  6. Foods to "Always" Avoid (
      "Live and eat by these rules -- and get healthier, younger, and slimmer. If any food in your home lists any of the five ingredients below in the first five ingredients on the label, don't let it near your mouth. In fact, throw it out." 09-10

  7. Healthy and Inexpensive Recipes (CBS News)
      "Healthy food can be easy and delicious, according to Ellie Krieger, host of the new Food Network show 'Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger,' premiering April 8. Krieger, the author of the book 'Small Changes, Big Results,' is a registered dietitian and has great tips on how to prepare healthier versions of the foods you crave." 04-06

  8. Low Fat Recipes (FatFree)
      Provides fatfree recipes. 09-09

  9. MIND and Mediterranean Diets (
      Provides wellness ingredients, based on research. 11-19

  10. The Best Diet? (
      "Too many diets, but not enough time to study them all? Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital did the work for you and compared three popular ways to eat yourself slim: low fat, low carb, and low-glycemic index diets. The winner? Low-glycemic index diets are the most successful at keeping weight off without negative side effects. These diets are heavy on foods that take the body longer to absorb, such as oatmeal and beans, which means they keep you feeling full longer. That helps to control appetite and promote longer-lasting weight loss. In the study, dieters cutting down on carbohydrates burned the most calories, but they also experienced more spikes in the stress hormone cortisol and the inflammation marker CRP, which is a risk factor for heart disease."

      "Want to eat healthily but don’t have time to whip up your own meals? Start looking for SPE certification when you eat out. Similar to architecture’s LEED certification, it’s a new way for restaurants to highlight and follow strict criteria for serving healthy fare. Short for sanitas per escam (Latin for health through food), SPE focuses on using local, seasonal ingredients and cooking to maximize the nutritional value of ingredients. Chefs can submit single dishes or entire menus for certification, and SPE’s executive chef and registered dietician will tweak the culinary masterpieces to boost their nutritional value and take advantage of the freshest local and seasonal meats and vegetables. The program’s creator, New York City restaurateur Emmanuel Verstraeten, is hopeful that the certification will spread from fine-dining restaurants to causal-eating chains and even school cafeterias in the coming years." 12-12

  11. Top Five Ways to Feel Full and Eat Less (Science Daily)
      "So rather than just eating less, Rolls and others say, there are ways to feel full without giving up all that much. For hunger pains that don't go away—real or imagined—here's what the latest studies suggest:" 03-07


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