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Healthy Teas

  1. Tea - Brewing Oolong (or Wu-Long) Tea (
      "Making tea gong fu style is ideal for Taiwan oolong tea. The short brewing time allows the sweet flavor of the oolong tea to come out without excess caffeine or tannin. Even those who are sensitive to caffeine can drink this type of oolong tea all evening and still get a good night's sleep."

  2. Tea - Brewing Tea Gongfu Style (
      "After the water is boiled, one must lift the kettle high to pour hot water into the teapot. The water is continually poured even when it overflows, so as to get rid of impure materials and foam, and to make mellow tea. After the lid is put on the teapot, boiling water is poured onto the teapot. In this way, the tea will swell in no time. A few minutes later, the tea can be poured into the cups, which are arranged in a circle. The way to pour tea is special. It is poured with a circular motion into each cup. In this way, the color and consistency of the tea in all the cups are the same. To avoid creating foam and scattering the fragrance of tea, the teapot should be held close to the teacups. When the tea is ready, the teacups are presented to guests and elders with both hands." 06-06

  3. Tea - Oolong (or Wu-Long) Tea and Fat Burning (
      "wu long, or oolong tea, has been around for a long time, but lately, there's been a growing buzz about the tea and its ability to help with weight loss. it's time to take a look at the facts and see what all the hype is about."

      "the study was conducted by the university of tokushima school of medicine along with several other japanese universities. it involved 11 japanese women who consumed either water, green matcha tea, or oolong tea after a meal. the results were interesting. oolong tea appeared to increase energy expenditure by 10%, green tea by 4%, and water not at all. this means that you burn more fat when you drink oolong or green tea after a meal."

      Editor's Note: This author does not use capital levels when the rules of English require them to be used. 06-06


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