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  1. Europe - Medieval Europe

  2. World War II Timeline in Europe (History Place)
      Provides a comprehensive history of World War II, by date.

  3. Western European Languages Literature Online (ALA and University of Virginia - Campbell)
      Provides literature by language. Includes Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Fnnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Irish, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Old Norse and Modern Icelandic, Portuguese, Provençal, Spanish, and Swedish literature. Part of the Western European Specialists Section (WESS) of the Association of College and Research Libraries. 2-00

  4. Biographies Search (EuropeanServers Ltd)
      Provides over 5,000 biographies in English and over 10,000 total. Provides a search engine but no directory or alphabetical listing. 4-00

  5. Bush and Europe - Cultural Differences (BBC - Roxburgh)
      Describes the areas of disagreement between President George W. Bush and European leaders. Areas include national defense, capital punishment, global warming, and more. (Uses British spelling of words, which is sometimes different from the United States.) 6-01

  6. Muslims in Europe (
      Describes the heritage and pattern of settlement of Muslims in Europe. 10-01

  7. Muslim Rage and Europe (Oregonian - Friedman)
      Provides an essay arguing that it is the loss of dignity that has caused young middle-class men from the Middle East to turn to leaders who turn them from Islam to violence. 12-01

  8. European and Middle East Leaders Alarmed by Bush Administration's Position on Iraq (CNN - Oakley)
      Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said '' 'If you strike Iraq and kill the people of Iraq while Palestinians are being killed by Israel... then not one Arab leader will be able to control the angry outburst of the masses.' " In addition, European nations "have noted with alarm what they see as growing unilateralist attitudes in the U.S.," according to Oakley. "Even the United States' staunchest ally in Europe [the UK] still prefers the diplomatic course to the military one at this stage." 9-02

  9. Europeans Split on Positions About War With Iraq (Independent News)
      "Tony Blair headed for a council of war with George Bush yesterday with the backing of seven European countries but with EU policy towards Iraq disintegrating into bitterness and division." 1-03

  10. 06-01-03 Europe Sends Probe to Mars (BBC News)
      "The race to find life on Mars is set to begin on Monday with the launch of Europe's first voyage to another planet." 6-03

  11. European Orbiter Finds Water (CBS News)
      "Europe's Mars orbiter has found the most direct evidence yet of water in the form of ice on the Red Planet's surface, the European Space Agency said Friday." 1-04

  12. 01-26-04 Human Rights Watch Decries Iraq War (Radio Free Europe)
      "International-rights monitor Human Rights Watch says there are special circumstances that warrant humanitarian intervention across the borders of sovereign states. But conditions in Iraq last year, the group says, did not meet these criteria."

      "The organization has exhaustively chronicled the abuses of Saddam Hussein's regime dating back to the 1980s, estimating it was responsible for as many as 250,000 deaths. But it says in a lead article in its annual survey of human rights that at the time of the U.S.-led invasion last March, there was no crisis in Iraq that justified a massive military intervention." 1-04

  13. 03-19-04 Rift Between Europe and USA (CBS News)
      "Trans-Atlantic relations are at a dangerous low ebb and some prominent Americans and Europeans have concluded that governments on both sides of the ocean are at fault." 3-04

  14. 08-16-04 Bush to Withdraw Troops from Europe and Asia (MSNBC News)
      "President Bush’s plan to call tens of thousands of U.S. troops home from Europe and Asia could gain him election-year applause from military families, but won’t ease the strain on soldiers still battling violent factions in Iraq and Afghanistan." 8-04

  15. Europe

  16. -05-28-05 Europe to Lose Plants to Global Warming (U.S. Politics)
      "More than half of Europe's plant species will be at threat or classified as vulnerable by 2080 as a consequence of global warming, a study published on Monday said."

      The big losers will be the northern Mediterranean rim, southern Portugal and southwestern Spain and mountain regions, where vegetation will be badly hit by hotter weather and water stress, it warned." 5-05

  17. -06-01-05 Dutch Reject European Union Constitution (
      "The veto reflects concern that the Netherlands, the biggest donor to the EU's budget on a per capita basis, is losing sovereignty and influence in the enlarged 25-member bloc, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said. The rejection will probably kill the treaty, which requires the assent of all EU members to take effect. The euro dropped below $1.22 for the first time since September." 6-05

  18. European Union News (Awesome Library)
      Provides news about the European Union.

  19. European Union Completes Its Constitution (Independent)
      "The European Union's first constitution was finally published yesterday. Almost 16 months of work on revamping Europe's creaking structures concluded with champagne and a rendition of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'." The draft must still be approved to be final.

      "The French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin, said the draft would make Europe a key player on the world stage. Britain's government representative, Peter Hain, described it as 'a foundation for a modern, more democratic Europe, better anchored to its nation states and more accountable to its citizens'." 6-03

  20. -07-28-05 European Union Seeks Mandatory Limits on Gases (BBC News)
      "The European Union says it will push for legally-binding global restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

      "A spokeswoman's comments came after the announcement of a voluntary pact, based on new technology, between the US and five Asia-Pacific states."

      "She also told BBC News that the new pact is unlikely to bring a significant reduction in emissions."

      "The new pact will allow signed-up countries - currently the United States, Australia, China, India, South Korea and Japan - to set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions individually, with no enforcement mechanism." 7-05

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