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  1. -05-30-05 Britain and Others Assess French Rejection of EU Constitution (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Britain and other members of "new Europe" are planning to challenge Jacques Chirac to declare whether the EU constitution is dead or alive after the emphatic French no in Sunday's referendum." 5-05

  2. -06-01-05 Dutch Reject European Union Constitution (
      "The veto reflects concern that the Netherlands, the biggest donor to the EU's budget on a per capita basis, is losing sovereignty and influence in the enlarged 25-member bloc, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said. The rejection will probably kill the treaty, which requires the assent of all EU members to take effect. The euro dropped below $1.22 for the first time since September." 6-05

  3. -06-02-05 Why the Dutch Said "No" to the European Union Constitution (BBC News)
      "Some voters evidently did want a social Europe, and voted 'No' for that reason, but many others said 'No' for quite different reasons." 6-05

  4. 06-01-05 Dutch Reject European Union Constitution (CNN)
      "Voters in the Netherlands soundly rejected the proposed European Union constitution Wednesday, three days after France gave it a thumbs-down." 6-05

  5. 10-20-02 Ireland Votes to Join the European Union (CNN News)
      "The European Union heaved a sigh of relief and welcomed the Irish referendum decision to ratify the Treaty of Nice."


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