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  1. German
  1. Germany Yahoo in German
      Provides Yahoo in German. 09-09

  2. Gernan Search Engine (Fireball)
      Searches for information from Web sites that are from Germany. 9-02

  1. Awesome Library in German (
      Provides online translations of the Web. 7-02

  2. Pictures of Famous Places (
      Provides pictures of many of the tourist spots. 5-02

  1. -News in German (Google News)
      Provides news in German.

  1. -German Federal Court Rejects Voting Machines (Bundes-Verfassungs-Ggericht)
      "However, the Federal Voting Machines Ordinance (Bundeswahlgeräteverordnung) is unconstitutional because it does not ensure that only such voting machines are permitted and used which meet the constitutional requirements of the principle of the public nature of elections. According to the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, the computer-controlled voting machines used in the election of the 16th German Bundestag did not meet the requirements which the constitution places on the use of electronic voting machines."

      Editor's Note: Voting machines were rejected because they did not allow public scrutiny of the individual ballots. This standard would also be relevant to voting machines in other countries, such as the United States. 03-09

  2. Germany (
      Provides a profile by topic, including Economy, Defense, Geography, Government, People, National Anthem, Lyrics and Related Links. Provides a map and a flag. 6-02

  3. Germany Profile (BBC News)
      "The trauma of post-war division is now firmly in the past but over a decade and a half on from the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Germany has yet to come up with the economic key to coping with its aftermath." 04-06

  4. Germany Timeline (BBC News)
      Provides a timeline of key events, starting with 1914. 04-06

  5. Holocaust Participation by German Diplomats (
      "One of the pillars of Germany's political establishment, the Foreign Ministry, was a "criminal organization" during the Nazi era, and the country's diplomats played a far more active role in the Holocaust than was previously acknowledged. Those are some of the troubling findings of a new 880-page government-sponsored report, called "The Ministry and the Past: German Diplomats in the Third Reich and the Federal Republic," which has shaken the nation. Drawn from thousands of historical documents, the report, due to be officially released on Thursday, makes for uncomfortable reading as it debunks a long cherished belief that Germany's Foreign Ministry was a hive of resistance to the Nazi regime and that German diplomats were not involved in the mass extermination of millions of Jews in Nazi death camps."


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