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  1. 10-20-02 Ireland Votes to Join the European Union (CNN News)
      "The European Union heaved a sigh of relief and welcomed the Irish referendum decision to ratify the Treaty of Nice."

  2. 12-13-02 European Union Expands by 10 Nations (CBS News)
      "Setting the stage for its largest expansion ever, European Union leaders agreed Friday on financial terms with 10 countries, mostly from the formerly communist east, to bring them into the union in 2004."

      "It will be the first expansion since Austria, Finland and Sweden joined in 1995, bringing the current total to 15 countries."

      "With the new members, the EU will surpass the North American Free Trade Agreement as the world's largest market, with 445 million people compared to NAFTA's 416 million."

      "The 10 candidates Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Mediterranean islands of Cyprus and Malta are to join in May 2004."

      "Their entry will be the EU's largest, most ambitious expansion ever and one that carries huge political significance, for it will erase the continent's Cold War divide." 12-02

  1. Euro Dollar (Guardian Unlimited)
      Provides pictures of the new Euro currency. 1-02


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