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  1. -04-09-05 Prince Charles and Camilla Wed (CBS News)
      " What would the bride be wearing? The answer: An oyster silk basketweave coat with a herringbone stitch and a matching chiffon dress. She also wore a matching straw and lace hat with feather details. Charles, in contrast to the military uniform he wore for his first wedding, donned formal morning wear." 4-05

  2. Britain Mourns Princess Margaret (
      The sister of the Queen of England has died of a stroke at the age of 71. "Friends and family remembered Margaret as a high-spirited royal who was also committed to charitable work." 2-02

  1. -03-25-05 Will Camilla Become Queen? (CBS News)
      "The government says Camilla Parker Bowles would be queen if Prince Charles becomes king, while the royals say she doesn't want the title." 3-05

  2. Prince Charles to Marry (MSNBC News)
      "Prince Charles announced Thursday that he will marry his lover Camilla Parker Bowles, putting an official seal on a long romance that Princess Diana blamed for the breakdown of her tempestuous marriage to the heir to the throne. The announcement ruled out the possibility that she would become queen." 2-05


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