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  1. Stock Market Meltdown: Some Advice (US News)
      "Wall Street might be in a panic, but here's how you can keep calm and maybe even profit" 08-07

  2. Teen Advice Worldwide (Fenner and Armagost)
      Provides suggestions on problems of teens online and around the world. Managed by teens with support from counselors.

  3. Ethics Toolkit for Managers (McNamara)
      Provides a guide "designed to help leaders and managers with real-world advice to deal with real-world issues in the workplace."

  4. Essay Against the "Nuclear Option" for Changing Senate Rules (
      "A group of Republicans, led by Majority Leader Bill Frist, intends to propose a rule change so as to allow a simple majority of senators to cut off debate on judicial nominees. Sen. Frist has referred to judicial filibusters undertaken by the Democrats as 'an affront to the advice-and-consent power of our Constitution.' In fact, the Republican proposal to infringe on the right of the Democrats to speak out on nominees threatens the very balance of power among the three branches of government." 4-05

  5. Filibuster Lesson (
      "The battle over judicial nominations has been going on for nearly two decades in the otherwise courteous atmosphere of the Senate. The Constitution provides the president will appoint his choices for the federal judiciary and the Senate will provide 'advice and consent' on these nominations. Generally, this process has worked well over the years in regards to judicial nominations. However, during the Reagan administration and continuing through the Clinton and G.W. Bush administrations the process has been more acrimonious. Senators from either parties at one time or another have used tactics and procedures to delay or eliminate a president's choice for confirmation." 5-05

  6. -08-31-05 Top Health Official Resigns Over Delay (CBS News)
      "A high-ranking Food and Drug Administration official resigned Wednesday in protest of the agency's refusal to allow over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception."

      "Susan Wood, director of FDA's Office of Women's Health, announced her resignation in an e-mail to colleagues at the agency. The e-mail was released by contraception advocates."

      "The FDA on Friday postponed indefinitely its decision on whether to allow the morning-after pill, called Plan B, to sell without a prescription. The agency said it was safe for adults to use without a doctor's guidance, but said young teenagers still needed a prescription and that it couldn't determine how to enforce an age limit, a decision contrary to the advice of its own scientific advisers." 8-05

  7. -11-14-05 Bundling Up and the Common Cold (ABC News)
      "Since the early 1960s, doctors generally doubted the stereotypical mother's advice that bundling up helps avoid a cold — saying the cold virus causes a cold, not going out in the winter without a hat or with wet hair."

      "But now, some doctors say mom's conventional wisdom was right."

      "A report coming out in this week's Oxford Journal of Family Practice, an international scientific publication from Oxford University, concludes that chilling can bring on common cold symptoms." 11-05

  8. -02-09-06 FEMA's Brown May Reveal Communications with White House (MSNBC News)
      "Former disaster agency chief Michael Brown is indicating he is ready to reveal his correspondence with President Bush and other officials during Hurricane Katrina unless the White House forbids it and offers legal support."

      "Brown’s stance, in a letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, follows senators’ complaints that the White House is refusing to answer questions or release documents about advice given to Bush concerning the Aug. 29 storm." 02-06

  9. -04-13-06 Four Retired Generals Speak Out Against Rumsfeld (Christian Science Monitor)
      "A growing number of retired generals are publicly opposing US conduct of the war in Iraq, breaking a decades-old tradition of not criticizing ongoing military operations.

      "The focus of their ire: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Four generals have called for his resignation, saying he ignored military advice and made key strategic mistakes." 04-06

  10. Women Millionaires Share Secrets (MSNBC News)
      "Corcoran and Langemeier share their advice in two exclusive video interviews for TODAY. Watch them to find out more about how you can build wealth." 04-07

  11. -The Myth of Moderate Exercise (
      "Obesity experts agree that daily exercise is essential for good health, but whether it can successfully lead to long-term weight loss is a question of much debate. What has become increasingly clear, however, is that the conventionally accepted advice — 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity most days of the week — is probably insufficient to spur any real change in a person's body weight. A study published July 28 in the Archives of Internal Medicine adds to the burgeoning scientific consensus: when it comes to exercise for weight loss, more is better. It suggests that obese people would have to exercise at least an hour at a time to see any significant difference in their weight." 07-08

  12. Tire-Gauge Solution (
      "The Bush Administration estimates that expanded offshore drilling could increase oil production by 200,000 bbl. per day by 2030. We use about 20 million bbl. per day, so that would meet about 1% of our demand two decades from now. Meanwhile, efficiency experts say that keeping tires inflated can improve gas mileage 3%, and regular maintenance can add another 4%. Many drivers already follow their advice, but if everyone did, we could immediately reduce demand several percentage points. In other words: Obama is right."

      "In fact, Obama's actual energy plan is much more than a tire gauge. But that's not what's so pernicious about the tire-gauge attacks. Politics ain't beanbag, and Obama has defended himself against worse smears. The real problem with the attacks on his tire-gauge plan is that efforts to improve conservation and efficiency happen to be the best approaches to dealing with the energy crisis — the cheapest, cleanest, quickest and easiest ways to ease our addiction to oil, reduce our pain at the pump and address global warming. It's a pretty simple concept: if our use of fossil fuels is increasing our reliance on Middle Eastern dictators while destroying the planet, maybe we ought to use less." 08-08

  13. How to "Survive" a Nuclear Attack (
      "The face of nuclear terror has changed since the Cold War, but disaster-medicine expert Irwin Redlener reminds us the threat is still real. He looks at some of history's farcical countermeasures and offers practical advice on how to survive an attack." He has these suggestions: 1. Don't look toward the bomb; you could be blinded; 2. You have 15 -20 minutes to get at least 1.2 miles away from the bomb site before the nuclear materials fall upon you and kill you; go away from the direction of the wind 3. If you cannot get away, go at least 9 stories up in a building or down into a basement that is closed off; 4. Get rid of your clothes and shower off quickly to get rid of nuclear material that may have gotten on your clothes; 5. Keep your mouth and nose covered with cloth while you are escaping to minimize material that you breathe; 7. Stay sheltered at least 48 hours; and 6. Get medical attention as quickly as possible.

      Editor's Note: There may be a drug that will act as an antidote for nuclear poisoning. 09-08

  14. What To Do With Your Retirement Money Now (CBS News)
      "Contributor Ray Martin offers some specific advice for workers in different generations, as well as suggestions for how their portfolios should be allocated." 10-08

  15. Cleaning Up After Bush (
      "But far more rules still remain on the books. They include regulations that allow mountaintop-removal mining projects to pollute streambeds with leftover dirt, and a Bush move to begin to permit oil and gas drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf. Worst of all, it also includes a drastic weakening of the Endangered Species Act, allowing federal agencies to bypass expert advice from federal scientists on whether proposed projects would have an impact on endangered species, essentially cutting the heart out of the act." 01-09

  16. A "Home Gym" for $100 (U.S. News)
      "If you're unable—or simply unwilling—to pay thousands of dollars a year for membership in the new exercise studio started by Gwyneth Paltrow and her personal trainer, never fear. You don't need to be cashed up to get a good workout. In fact, you don't need to join a gym at all. We asked four fitness pros for their advice on putting together a home gym for $100 or less. Here's what they said."

  17. -04-25-09 Military Agency Warned Against Use of Torture (MSNBC News)
      "The military agency that provided advice on harsh interrogation techniques for use against terrorism suspects referred to the application of extreme duress as 'torture' in a July 2002 document sent to the Pentagon's chief lawyer and warned that it would produce 'unreliable information.' "

      "There was no consideration within the National Security Council that the planned techniques stemmed from Chinese communist practices and had been deemed torture when employed against American personnel, the former administration official said. The U.S. military prosecuted its own troops for using waterboarding in the Philippines and tried Japanese officers on war crimes charges for its use against Americans and other allied nationals during World War II." 04-09

  18. -04-26-09 Swine Flu Kills 81 in Mexico (CNN News)
      "No kissing to say hello. No large crowds. No close contact."

      "That's the advice of the Mexican government as more and more people die of swine flu, which has turned into a 'public health emergency of international concern,' according to the World Health Organization." 04-09

  19. Fiber in the Diet (U.S. News)
      "So what's the bottom line? The recommendations for daily fiber intake call for about 25 grams for women and 38 for men, and research shows we are getting only about 15 grams. But because the health benefits of different types of fiber vary—and in many cases are not clear or consistent—the best advice is to eat an array of plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Worry less about targeting specific types of fiber and 'get [it] from as many different foods as you can,' advises Slavin." 05-09

  20. -What Really Is in the Health Care Reform Bill? (CBS News)
      " 'A lot of the misstatements have stuck with the public,' Jackson said. 'We're talking about one sixth of the economy and one bill more than 1,000 pages long, so it definitely lends itself to distortion and fear-mongering.' "

      "In fact, section 1233 of the House bill would allow Medicare for the first time to cover patient-doctor consultations about end-of-life planning, including discussions about drawing up a living will or planning hospice treatment. Patients would, of course, seek out such advice on their own -- they would not be required to. The provision would limit Medicare coverage to one consultation every five years."

      "The bill does not force private insurers out of business or force people onto the public plan."

      "The CBO, in fact, estimates the House bill would result in a net increase of 3 million Americans with employer-provided care." President Obama said " 'If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance.' "

      " 'Private health care providers are free to cover abortion, but not with federal funds,' reports Dan Gilgoff of U.S. News and World Report."

      "...Americans will not face 'rationing' in health care any more than they do now. While a public plan would not be able to cover all procedures, private insurance plans do not either."

      "However, significant provisions of the health care legislation under consideration -- including the federal health insurance exchange, the public option, subsidies and the employer mandate -- would not go into effect until 2013." 08-09

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