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  1. Tibetan Buddhism
  2. Tibetan Language
  1. Tibetan Language and Literature (
      Provides sources of lessons, software, fonts, and literature related to Tibetan. 7-02

  2. Tibetan Medicine and Healing (Kotan Publishing)
      Provides sources of information on traditional medicine and healing practices of Tibet, including herbals teas and meditation practices. 4-00

  3. Tibetan Studies (WWW Virtual Library)
      Provides information on Tibet in 12 categories, including religion, language, and medicine.

  1. Tibetan Lama Escapes from Chinese (Nalandabodhi)
      Provides news sources related to the escape of the 17th Karmapa, Ugyen Trinley Dorje, from the Chinese government in Tibet. 1-00

  1. -Essay: How Peace May Be Achieved Between Tibetans and China (New York Times)
      "One signal is this: For the first time, the Dalai Lama is willing to state that he can accept the socialist system in Tibet under Communist Party rule. This is something that Beijing has always demanded, and, after long discussion, the Dalai Lama has agreed to do so."

      " 'The main thing is to preserve our culture, to preserve the character of Tibet,' the Dalai Lama told me. 'That is what is most important, not politics.' 07-08

  2. China Grumbles over U.S. Concern over Self-Immolations (
      "The Chinese Foreign Ministry has some advice for its U.S. counterpart: Stop meddling in Tibetan affairs. Earlier this week, a U.S. State Department spokesperson expressed “serious concern” over a series of self-immolations in Tibetan regions that have claimed at least 11 lives since March 2011." 01-12

  3. Dalai Lama Peace Message on March 10 (Awesome Library)
      Provides a message for world peace from H.H. the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Nobel Peace Laureate. 3-02

  4. Tibetan Culture (Kotan Publishing)
      Covers Tibetan religion, education, history, art, medicine, and other aspects of the culture. 4-00

  5. Tibetan Images and Stories (New York Times - Lehman)
      Provides articles and photos that document some of the struggle between traditional Tibetan culture and the encroachment of Chinese government.

  6. Tibetan Timeline (New York Times - Lehman)
      Provides a timeline and articles documenting the struggle between traditional Tibet and the Chinese government.


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