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Democratic Party

  1. Presidential Candidate Game (USA Today)
      "Play USA TODAY's Candidate Match Game II to find out which candidate -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney -- you agree with most on the key issues of the day. And as you take the quiz, learn more about their positions on the issues." 08-12

  1. The President's State of the Union Speech (
      Provides the video. 01-12

  1. Private Sector Jobs (
      Provides a chart from 2007 to present day. 01-12

  1. -A Fact Check on the President's State of the Union Speech (
      "The president’s State of the Union address got the facts right — mostly." 01-12

  2. -Editorial: The World We Actually Live In (New York Times)
      "It is a globalized economy in which the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, America’s largest business lobby, has opposed Romney’s pledge to designate China as a currency manipulator and is pressing Congress to lift cold war trade restrictions on Russia, a country Romney has labeled America’s “No. 1 geopolitical foe.” It is a world where, at times, pulling back — and focusing on rebuilding our strength at home — is the most meaningful foreign policy initiative we can undertake because when America is at its best — its institutions, schools and values — it can inspire emulation, whereas Russia and China still have to rely on transactions or bullying to get others to follow. It is still a world where the use of force, or the threat of force, against implacable foes (Iran) is required, but a world where a nudge at the right time and place can also be effective."

      "Add it all up and it’s a world in which America will have greater responsibility (because our European and Japanese allies are now economically enfeebled) and fewer resources (because we have to cut the defense budget) to manage a more complex set of actors (because so many of the states we have to deal with now are new democracies with power emanating from their people not just one man — like Egypt — or failing states like Pakistan) where our leverage on other major powers is limited (because Russia’s massive oil and gas income gives it great independence and any war we’d want to fight in Asia we’d have to borrow the money from China)."

      "This complexity doesn’t argue for isolationism. It argues for using our power judiciously and in a nuanced fashion." 10-12

  3. -Editorial: What We Still Don't Know About Romney's Taxes (
      "It's hard enough to figure out my own taxes every year without having to worry about Mitt Romney's. But because the issue of Romney's taxes has come to loom so large, I thought I'd better get some professional advice. So I sought out a friend, estate planning lawyer Matthew Berlin, who has modest clients like me as well as the high and well-heeled, some of them with assets abroad. I asked him if we now knew all we need to know, at least with respect to the tax returns Mitt Romney has disclosed publicly."

      "No, said Matthew. There are a host of questions that any inquiring tax attorney or journalist might ask. Without them, a true picture of Romney's finances would be impossible. So I asked Matthew if he wouldn't share the questions with us." 10-12

  4. Editorial: Gloom We Can Believe In (
      "The last four minutes of the film are what you might have expected from the beginning: swelling music, the accomplishment check list, smiling faces. Hanks wraps it back to beginning. “Let’s remember how far we’ve come,” he says in the closing lines of the film, “and look forward to the work still to be done.” But the burden of Obama’s reelection message is not to tell people how good they have it. Americans clearly don’t feel that way, even with an improving job market. His task, if The Road We’ve Traveled is any indication, begins with reminding people how miserable they were in hopes that they look more favorably on how things are now.” 03-12


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