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  1. Researchers Disagree on Use of Body Signals in Screening (CNN News)
      "The Homeland Security-funded project is Future Attribute Screening Technology, or FAST. Instead of focusing on whether you have hidden explosives or whether you're carrying a weapon, sensors and cameras located at security checkpoints would measure the natural signals coming from your body -- your heart rate, breathing, eye movement, body temperature and fidgeting."

      "Those physiological signs, measured together, will indicate whether you might have the desire or intent to do harm, project manager Robert Burns said."

      " 'We're going to look for the elevation, but we're also going to look for the absence of signals, which is just as indicative of being something that has to be resolved,' Burns said."

      " 'I haven't seen any research that shows that those measures from the autonomic nervous system ... measuring blood pressure, measuring breathing, measuring heat on the face, are at all related to intent,' said Stephen Fienberg, professor of statistics and social sciences at Carnegie Mellon University."

      "Fienberg, who participated in a government study critical of the use of polygraphs, said he worries that a lot of money is being spent on a program that in the end will show 'the emperor has no clothes.' " 12-09


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