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Audits for Precincts

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  1. Editorial: Verified Paper Ballots Essential for Audits ( - Schade and Zeese)
      "The bad news is that a corporate conflict of interest of a member of the Commission raises doubts that they will recommend the common sense solution voter verified paper ballots."

      "With regard to the counting of votes, people are concerned about paperless electronic voting because it provides no independent record for audits or recounts. The machines have been shown to be a high security risk by insiders who can put undetectable malicious code in the software, by election officials who have access to the machines and by outside hackers all of these people can change the outcome of an election. And, of course, all Americans know computers make mistakes. For example, computers freezing and crashing are experiences we have all had it is also an experience that election administrators have seen with the use of computers in elections."

      "Bill Gardner, the New Hampshire Secretary of State, unlike many election administrators, has come to learn that recounts are an important part of ensuring credibility of an election outcome. He makes the point that a successful election is when the losing candidate, and his or her supporters, are confident that the result was accurate. The capability of conducting a transparent hand recount of paper ballots in public with the media and all interested parties watching, is critical to achieving that goal."

      "Other election administrators like Linda Lamone of Maryland, believe the false claim that paperless DRE machines allow for a recount. In fact all they allow for is recounting the record created by the computer. When machines make an error recording the vote the recount will merely repeat that error." 5-05

  2. Improving Elections Audits (
      "The current auditing crisis of big business can provide useful lessons and suggestions for improving similar practices within the computer industry." 5-05

  3. Need for Paper Audits (
      "The enthusiasm with which Republicans have endorsed machines with no paper ballots at all indicates that neither [political] party really wants to have intact auditing of elections."

      "The ease with which a system -- which clearly violates dozens of FEC standards going back to 1990 -- was certified calls into question the honesty, competence, and personal financial transactions of both testing labs and NASED certifiers." 5-05

  4. Parallel Elections (
      The Citizens' Audit Parallel Election includes votes from those who have just voted to verify the official results. "Nearly 50 percent of all voters participated in the parallel election, which included five polling places representing 11 precincts. The sample included more conservative than liberal precincts, with participation as high among Republicans as among Democrats. The tandem election results showed what most feel to be startling results." 8-05

  5. Status of Voter Verified Ballots for Florida Before 2004 (
      "The Department of State, Division of Elections has been in routine contact with both vendors and national independent testing laboratories inquiring about printers and their development but we currently have no applications from any vendors for a voter verifiable paper trail machine."

      "No vendor has any machines that will be available before the 2004 election cycle." 5-05


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