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September 11th

9-11 Theories
Freedom Tower

  1. Rebuilding the World Trade Centers (CNN News - Hirschkorn)
      Discusses options for new buildings near the World Trade Center locations, but not on the "footprints" of the buildings. A memorial park is planned for the footprint area where the two towers stood. 7-02

  1. -09-09-07 Politics Hang Over 9/11 Ceremony (MSNBC News)
      "Once again, the city will pause for four moments of silence to mark the attacks that killed more than 2,700 people. Family members will lay flowers where the twin towers fell, and the names of victims will be read."

      "But much will be different on the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, after tense arguments about where to hold the ceremony, whether a presidential candidate should be allowed to speak and if it's still fitting to put on such a large-scale commemoration." 09-07

  2. 06-25-07 Ex-EPA Chief Grilled for False Statements (MSNBC News)
      "Ex-EPA chief Christie Whitman was bombarded Monday with boos, hisses, and a host of accusations at a congressional hearing after making assurances it was safe to breathe the air around the ruined World Trade Center." 06-07

  1. -Editorial: This Hole in the Ground (MSNBC News - Olbermann)
      "Five years later this country's wound is still open."

      "It is beyond shameful." 09-06

  2. Bin Laden - Evidence of Involvement With Septemberr 11th Attack (Fox News)
      Provides comments from Vice President Dick Cheney that a new videotape discovered shows that bin Laden was involved with the September 11th attack on the United States. According to other senior government officials, "Bin Laden described the damage around the twin towers in New York as greater than expected and praised Allah for more success than anticipated, according to the officials." 12-01

  3. Muslim Americans - Family Mourns Loss (CNN)
      Profiles a Muslim-American family member who was a victim in one of the planes that crashed in New York City. 9-01

  4. Pentagon Honors Workers (CNN News)
      "A Wednesday afternoon Pentagon ceremony -- the second at the site that day -- focused on renewal and determination as speakers honored the reconstruction crews who worked there after terrorists damaged the building a year ago." 9-02

  5. Poll: How September 11 Has Changed America (CBS News)
      "Americans believe their country is a changed place since the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and most are resigned to a permanent threat from terrorism and do not see great progress in achieving many of the goals of the war against terrorism, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll." 9-02

  6. Replacement Selected for Twin Towers (CBS News)
      "LMDC chairman John Whitehead praised the way Libeskind's plan aims to create a bustling, vibrant streetscape around the site, complete with a five-star hotel, a transportation hub, a memorial museum and cultural spots."

      "He also mentioned a space designed to capture a wedge of sunlight each year on Sept. 11, from the time that the first plane hit until the time the last tower fell."

      "The spire, which recalls the year of America's independence, would have a garden all the way to its top, not office space." 2-03

  7. Replacement Selected for Twin Towers (CNN)
      "Daniel Libeskind, the son of Holocaust survivors whose first sighting of the United States was the Statue of Liberty, has been chosen to be the lead architect for rebuilding on the World Trade Center site, sources familiar with the decision confirmed Wednesday."

      "Libeskind's proposal featured a tower 1,776 feet tall, symbolic for the year of American independence, that would demonstrate "the durability of democracy," while the top floors would be filled with indoor gardens as a "confirmation of life." The tower would be the world's tallest." 2-03

  8. Solemn Remembrances Around the World (USA Today)
      "People worldwide marked the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks Sunday:" 9-05

  1. Design a Replacement for the Twin Towers (CNN)
      CNN is inviting designs from children, as well as adults, for buildings to replace the buildings destroyed on September 11th. 7-02


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