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Freedom Tower

  1. 03-28-09 Freedom Tower Renamed to One World Trade Center (CNN News)
      "The agency that owns the space where the World Trade Center towers stood is freeing itself of the term 'freedom' to describe the signature skyscraper replacing the buildings destroyed on September 11, 2001."

      "The Port Authority also has commitments for more than a million square feet of leased office space in One World Trade Center from the U.S. General Services Administration and the New York State Office of General Services. Leases for these two public agencies are being finalized. These commitments, coupled with the China Center lease, represent nearly 50 percent of the office space in the building." 03-09

  1. Little Evidence of Progress at Site (USA Today)
      "Four years after terrorists hijacked jetliners that destroyed the twin towers, Steve and Marta Pilling thought they would find a memorial, something more than the names of the 2,749 victims on panels attached to the fence." 8-05


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