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Hurricane Preparation

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Are We Ready?
  1. Disaster Preparedness Checklist (Awesome Library)
      Provides a checklist of items needed and steps to take immediately before escaping to an upper floor of a building or a designated shelter in a flood threat. 9-05

  2. Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Leaders (Awesome Library)
      Provides a command and control checklist to help city, county, state, and federal government leaders gain agreement on leadership for each critical issue in case of a disaster. By gaining agreement on lines of authority before a disaster, lives and property can be saved. The next steps in preparedness would be development of a "critical path" flow chart, followed by training and a simulation. 9-05

  3. Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Shelters (Awesome Library)
      Provides a checklist of items needed and steps to take immediately before escaping to an upper floor of a building or a designated shelter in a flood threat. 9-05

  4. Evacuation and Prefab Cities (Awesome Library)
      "Our cities do not have enough highway capacity to allow us to evacuate quickly. Yet, an earthquake, a 'dirty bomb,' tsunami, biological attack, or other type of disaster hitting a large city will still require rapid evacuation to avoid a great deal more suffering."

      "Major disasters to major cities are inevitable. It is a question of 'when,' not 'if.' "

      "What if we plan and require 'evacuation drills' for cities just like we now plan and require 'fire drills' for buildings?"

      We also need to ready destination sites for evacuees to stay days and up to months. "Prefab cities would become the 'storm shelters' of the future." 9-05

  1. -Pandemic or Hurricane Checklist (Awesome Library)
      Provides recommendations for what to assemble to prepare for avian (bird) flu or other pandemic. Includes recommendations appropriate for preparing for a hurricane also. 03-06

  1. Disaster Equipment (CBS News)
      "Best magazine's senior editor David Gregg has some of the newest emergency gear that could aid you and your family in the event of a disaster." 9-05

  2. Disaster Preparation Checklist (CNN News)
      "In areas where hurricanes can strike, it's a good idea to have a closet or an area set aside for storm preparedness storage. There, you can keep items you'll need in case disaster strikes suddenly or you need to evacuate." 08-12

  3. Disaster Preparation Mobile Application for Hurricanes (
      "Be ready for severe weather with Hurricane by American Red Cross. Monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out a must have for anyone who lives in an area where a hurricane may strike or has loved ones who do." 08-12

  4. Disaster Preparedness a Top Priority for Cities (USA Today)
      "To reduce the effects of an earthquake, storm, or flood, more emphasis must be placed on helping cities build disaster resilience, they [city planners] argue."

      "Experts point to the success of programs such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Project Impact. During the 1990s, this initiative provided seed money for a range of mitigation projects, from improving earthquake resistance in structures in the Pacific Northwest to developing economical "safe rooms" for homes and offices in tornado-prone areas. The program ended shortly after President Bush took office." 9-05

  5. Disasters - How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster (Epicenter)
      Describes how to plan for a disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

  6. Hurricane Preparedness (
      Describes how to prepare for a hurricane.

  7. Hurricanes - Preparation (
      "If your house is in danger of being hit by a hurricane, protecting windows and sliding glass doors is almost always the number one thing you can do to ensure you'll have a livable house if the worse happens." "But, if you wait until a hurricane watch is posted, you are almost surely too late." 9-04

  8. Hurricanes - Preparing for a Hurricane (
      Explains what to do at different stages of preparation. 5-03

  9. New York Prepares for Future Hurricanes (CNN News)
      "Bloomberg told reporters New York will prepare for natural disasters better by revising building codes, changing zoning requirements in some low-lying areas and making sure infrastructure can withstand a Category 2 hurricane or a heat wave." 12-12

  10. Rotterdam Storm Surge Barrier (CBS News)
      "The Dutch long ago learned that this is a really simple problem if you want to keep the land and water where they are supposed to be, you have to spend whatever it takes to build a barrier to keep them apart."

      "With climate change, rising sea levels and more severe storms in the future, the Dutch think they'll have to close this barrier every three or four years."

      "In Holland they think the choice in the U.S. is inevitable." 9-05

  11. Rotterdam Storm Surge Barrier (IABSE)
      "Several joint ventures competed for the contract to design and construct the Rotterdam Storm Surge Barrier. After fierce competition, it was awarded to a joint venture in 1989. In nearly every sense the project was innovative in that new ways were found to design and construct the superstructure which bears a striking resemblance in size and appearance with the Eiffel Tower in Paris." 9-05

  12. Storm Checklist (MSNBC)
      Provides lists of things to do to better protect your home from storms, including flood and wind damage. 9-05


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