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  1. Careers in Organic Chemistry (ACS)
      Provides information about working conditions, job outlook, and more. 06-12

  2. Teenage Jobs, Careers, and College (Hansen)
      Provides assistance with job hunting, cover letters, job related resources, local area resources, and more.

  3. -Most Overrated Careers (US News)
      "People pick careers for a lot of reasons–including some bad ones. So in addition to identifying the Best Careers for 2007, U.S. News has also highlighted 10 occupations with a mystique that exceeds reality. This list is purely subjective, and, indeed, many people are happy in those careers. But these conclusions derive from more than 2,500 confidential counseling sessions I've conducted with real-world professionals over two decades as a career coach." 07-07

  4. -Best Careers for 2007 (US News)
      "In its Best Careers 2007 guide, U.S. News has sifted through trends in the economy and the workplace and has identified 25 professions that will be in growing demand as baby boomers age, the Internet becomes ubiquitous, and Americans seek richer, simpler lives. All of the jobs offer a great mix of pay, status, and quality of life. Many are not surprising, such as engineer, pharmacist, and dentist." 07-07

  5. -Best Careers Chart (US News)
      Provides an alphabetical list of the top 25 careers and includes median pay, job market outlook, quality of life, attainability, prestige, and typical degree required. 07-07

  6. -Best Careers for Each Personality "Type" (US News)
      "As part of its Best Careers guide, U.S. News has selected the top careers for each of six personality types." 07-07

  7. -Matching Careers and Personality (CNN News)
      "Similar to when you're looking for a mate, you want to find a career that complements your character, not conflicts with it." 03-09

  8. Best Medical Schools (
      The Times Higher Education Supplement rates Harvard University's medical school as the best in the world. U.S. News and World Report and other websites like have also placed Harvard at the top of the list among U.S. medical schools." 07-13

  9. Foreign Policy Analysis by James Mann (
      Shawn Carkonen reviews the book Rise of the Vulcans by James Mann. Mann describes foreign policy through describing an alliance of key advisors for President Bush.

      "This core group, consisting of Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, and Condoleezza Rice, has a long history together dating back 30 years in some cases. Dubbing themselves the Vulcans, they have largely determined the direction and focus of the Bush presidency. In this remarkably researched and fascinating book, Mann traces their careers and the development of their ideas in order to understand how and why American foreign policy got to where it is today."

      "As Mann makes clear, there has never been perfect agreement between all parties, (the relationship between the close duo of Powell and Armitage on one side and Rumsfeld on the other, for instance, has been frosty) but they do share basic values. Whether they came from the armed services, academia, or government bureaucracy, the Vulcans all viewed the Pentagon as the principal institution from which American power should emanate. Their developing philosophy was cemented after the attacks of September 11, 2001 and is best reflected in the decision to invade Iraq. They believe that a powerful military is essential to American interests, that America is ultimately a force for good despite any negative consequences that may arise from American aggression, they are eternally optimistic about American power and dismiss any arguments about over-extension of resources, and they are skeptical about the need to consult allies or form broad global coalitions before acting." 3-04

  10. 06-03-04 Men Make More Than Women (CNN News)
      "Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women's Policy Research, said the disparity is in part due to women who interrupt their careers to have kids at a time while men continue to climb the salary ladder. When these mothers return to work, they often can't make up the loss in earnings, she said."

      "Discrimination also may be a factor, specifically against mothers, Strober added. 'If you are a primary caretaker of children, it's very difficult to live up to the kind of work requirements that exist for professional work,' she said."

      "Hartmann said stronger enforcement of equal opportunity laws and increasing access to education and training in high-paying fields in which women are underrepresented are keys to income equity." 6-04

  11. Carson, Johnny (CBS News)
      Provides a picture and biographical information. "Johnny Carson, the "Tonight Show" host who served America a smooth nightcap of celebrity banter and droll comedy for 30 years, died Sunday. He was 79."

      "His wealth, the adoration of his guests — particularly the many young comics whose careers he launched — the wry tales of multiple divorces: Carson's air of modesty made it all serve to enhance his bedtime intimacy with viewers." 1-05

  12. McCarthy, Joseph (
      "When the Republicans assumed control of Congress in 1953, McCarthy, who had been reelected in 1952, became chairman of the Senate permanent investigations subcommittee (Government Operations Committee), a post in which he wielded great power; he used his position to exploit the public's fear of Communism."

      "Through widely publicized hearings, the use of unidentified informers, and reckless accusation, McCarthy doggedly pursued those whom he classified as Communists and subversives. Careers were ruined on the flimsiest evidence, and his methods came under increasing attack by the press and his colleagues."

      "McCarthy's indiscriminate attacks gave rise to the term 'McCarthyism,' which denotes similar assaults characterized by sensationalist tactics and unsubstantiated accusations." 12-05. Visitors sometimes misspell as MacCarthy, Mc Carthy, or Mac Carthy.

  13. Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda (
      "Close to a quarter of a million high school and middle school students, college and university students, faculty, educators, administrators, and business professionals have chosen to be members of the premier business education association preparing students for careers in business." 12-05

  14. -01-19-06 Study: College Students Unable to Complete Reading Tasks (MSNBC News)
      "Nearing a diploma, most college students cannot handle many complex but common tasks, from understanding credit card offers to comparing the cost per ounce of food."

      "Those are the sobering findings of a study of literacy on college campuses, the first to target the skills of students as they approach the start of their careers." 01-06

  15. -02-27-06 Army Whistleblower Demoted (CBS News)
      "A high-ranking Army Corps of Engineers official who publicly criticized the Pentagon's decision to award Halliburton Co. a no-bid contract for work in Iraq has been demoted, officials said Monday."

      " 'The failure to abide by prior commitments and the circumstances surrounding Ms. Greenhouse's removal are the hallmark of illegal retaliation,' her attorney, Michael D. Kohn, wrote in the letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld."

      " 'Her removal will send a message to all concerned that if they dare stand up to corrupting influences within the Army contracting world their careers will be destroyed,' he added." 02-06

  16. -11-27-06 How Common Is "Contagious Shooting" by Police? (ABC News)
      "Most police officers don't fire their guns a single time over the course of their careers. But those rare moments when they do pull the trigger are fast, furious and frenetic." 11-06

  17. -03-18-07 "Tough" Guys May Heal Faster (MSNBC News)
      "The annual incidence of traumatic brain injuries in the United States is greater than that of all cancers, Good writes in his study, and men account for three-quarters of such injuries. The number will increase if the Iraq war continues, he said."

      "But, men who focused on their careers, success, power and competition reported better relations in their community. These same participants showed greater improvement a year after their hospitalization." 03-07

  18. -02-23-09 Editorial: Who Caused the Economic Disaster? (
      "Well, the herd mentality of financial crazes has a long history. But compensation practices skewed so heavily toward bonuses based on annual profits make matters worse."

      " 'People self-select for careers. On Wall Street they self-select for the money,' says pay consultant Alan Johnson. 'Wall Street is a sales business—they sell bonds, securities, transactions, ideas … They're not paid to be long-term, philosophical, reflective.' The pressure is to do the next merger, sell more stocks and bonds, do more trading—whatever boosts current profits and bonuses, the long-term consequences be damned." 02-09

  19. Sports Concussions a Growing Concern (HealthLink)
      "Many other sports and recreational activities, including wrestling, hockey, soccer (from head collisions), snowboarding and in-line skating, can also result in concussions. Even whiplash can cause a concussion. Altogether, about 300,000 traumatic brain injuries occur each year in sports and recreation in the United States."

      "Several National Football League players (notably, quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Steve Young) retired after suffering several concussions during their careers. Multiple concussions suffered over a period of months or years increases the risk of permanent brain damage and post-concussion syndrome, in which neurological or cognitive problems become chronic. Even mild concussions occurring within hours, days or weeks of each other can result in 'second impact syndrome,' which can be fatal. As a result, coaches and trainers are showing an increased sensitivity to the effects of concussions on their players." 03-09

  20. -Older Female Stars Finding Acceptance as Leads (CNN News)
      "They're holding birthday bashes, embracing the big four-oh and staying as busy and famous as ever. Their faces grace magazine covers, their bodies are the envy of women decades younger and their careers seem to be going strong." 09-09

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