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  2. Funds for College
  1. Job Listings Search (
      Provides a search engine for 200,000 jobs. 3-02

  2. Job Listings Search (CNet)
      Searches up to 10 job search engines at a time. 3-02

  3. Job Listings Search (
      Provides a search engine for 300,000 jobs. 3-02

  4. Job Listings by Profession (
      Provides a directory by profession, as well as a search engine. 3-02

  5. Job Listings by State (
      Provides listings of jobs by state. 3-02

  6. Job Search (American Jobs)
      Provides free job search for those looking for a position. Employers pay to post positions.

  7. Job Search ( star
      Provides listings by location, job type, or company. For experienced professionals. Provides job postings. Only site ranked 5-star (out of 5) by PC Computing. 12-99
  8. Job Search (Monster Board)

  9. Job Search (
      Provides job searches. 01-17

  10. Job Search (WebHire)
      Provides job postings. Ranked 4-star (out of 5) by PC Computing. 12-99

  11. Job Search Preparation (
      Provides sources of information to help prepare for a job search. 5-02

  12. JobTrak Job Listing Service
  13. Recruiting Links (
  14. Teaching Positions Wanted or Available (Academic Employment Network)
  1. -Job Descriptions (
      Describes jobs, in detail, by field. 9-04

  2. CareerWeb
  3. Chronicle of Higher Education (Academe This Week) 2-00
  4. Cost of Living Calculator (By City)
  5. FastWeb Financial Aid Searcher
      Searches for scholarships from a database of over 400,00 scholarships, according to the site.

  6. Occupational Outlook (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
      Provides job outlook and other important information about many jobs available within the USA, by industry. 9-05

  7. Online Career Center
  1. Background Checkers (Christian Science Monitor)
      "The most common mistakes, says Nadell, come from sloppy court records and databases."

      "But as the background-checking industry continues to grow, who screens the screeners? While laws concerning background checks vary from state to state, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act sets the minimum standard. Under the law, employers must seek the written consent of applicants prior to the screening. And before an employer can reject a potential employee based on his or her background check, the applicant has the right to receive, review, and dispute the findings."

      "Job applicants also have the right to sue a screening company if errors on a report were the result of negligence." 11-05

  2. Job Searches (
      Searches for jobs. "Application Status: Job Seekers now know when the application has been received and viewed by the hiring manager." 12-15

  3. Job Titles and Descriptions (O-Net)
      Provides a comprehensive directory of occupations. Describes the skills, abilities, and experience needed for each position, as well as providing examples. (Please Note - These are descriptions of occupations, not listings of jobs available from specific employers.) The primary purpose of the directory is to help a person determine a field to enter as an occupation. 6-03

  4. Jobs and Career Development (Connect2Jobs)
      Provides career development and employment opportunities for four industries: semiconductor, healthcare, biotechnology, and creative services. 5-03

  5. K - 12 Jobs Available
  6. Marketability - Test of Marketability (Hansen)
      Provides an assessment of your marketability on a 1 - 25 scale.

  7. Teach for America
  8. Teenage Jobs, Careers, and College (Hansen)
      Provides assistance with job hunting, cover letters, job related resources, local area resources, and more.

Purchase Resources
  1. Modeling - The Truth About Modeling (
      "Written candidly by a working model, THE TRUTH ON MODELING exposes the modeling industry and teaches beginner models (and their parents) how to reap the benefits of this exciting career without getting scammed or wasting time and money. Chock full of 'inside' information as well as a listing of agencies by State." Some visitors misspell as modelling. 2-05


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