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McCarthy, Joseph

  1. McCarthy, Joseph (
      "When the Republicans assumed control of Congress in 1953, McCarthy, who had been reelected in 1952, became chairman of the Senate permanent investigations subcommittee (Government Operations Committee), a post in which he wielded great power; he used his position to exploit the public's fear of Communism."

      "Through widely publicized hearings, the use of unidentified informers, and reckless accusation, McCarthy doggedly pursued those whom he classified as Communists and subversives. Careers were ruined on the flimsiest evidence, and his methods came under increasing attack by the press and his colleagues."

      "McCarthy's indiscriminate attacks gave rise to the term 'McCarthyism,' which denotes similar assaults characterized by sensationalist tactics and unsubstantiated accusations." 12-05. Visitors sometimes misspell as MacCarthy, Mc Carthy, or Mac Carthy.

  2. McCarthy, Joseph (
      "During his ten years in the Senate, McCarthy and his staff became notorious for aggressive investigations of people in the U.S. government and others suspected of being Soviet agents on grounds of their political beliefs as Communists or Communist sympathizers."

      "As a result, the term McCarthyism was coined to specifically describe the intense anti-Communist movement that existed in America from 1950 to about 1956, a time which became popularly known as the Red Scare. During this period, people who were suspected of varying degrees of Communist loyalties became the subject of aggressive inquiries, which became known as 'witch hunts' to his opponents. People from the media, government, and the military were accused by McCarthy of being suspected Soviet spies or Communist sympathizers. Although McCarthy's activities did not result in any convictions or criminal prosecutions for espionage, intercepted Soviet communications from the now-declassified VENONA Project indicate that some of the individuals he pursued may have had hidden Communist associations. The term 'McCarthyism' has since become synonymous with any government activity which opponents claim is meant to suppress unfavorable political or social views, often by limiting or suspending civil rights for the alleged purpose of maintaining national security."

      "The Senate voted 67 to 22 on December 2, 1954, to condemn McCarthy for 'conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute,' the first time a Senator was censured for actions in a past session of Congress." 12-05 Visitors sometimes misspell as MacCarthy, Mc Carthy, or Mac Carthy.


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