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  1. Map of the Middle East During World War I (Lavarone)

  2. History of the Middle East Peace - British View (BBC)
      Provides a short history of the Middle East area for the past 50 years from a British point of view. Includes a map of the area.

  3. Maps of the Middle East Maps (University of Texas)
      Provides maps of Israel, Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Jericho, Persian Gulf, Strait of Tiran, Palestinian Refugee Camps, Strait of Hormuz, Kurdish Lands, and more. 10-00

  4. -History of the Middle East Conflict - Why? (Awesome Library - Adams) star
      Provides a short history of the Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people. 10-10

  5. Middle East

  6. Editorial - Countering Terrorism from the Middle East (Awesome Library - Adams)
      Argues that two problems must be addressed in order for the USA to reduce the long term problem of terrorism from the Middle East. The primary two enablers for terrorism are nations harboring terrorists and nations fostering anti-American attitudes. In addition, two more problems, if handled well, could actually lead to a new era of cooperation and long term peace. The two problems are US foreign policies that hurt Muslim nations and conflicts between Fundamentalist Muslim values and Western values. Provides recommendations for each problem. 10-01

  7. Terrorism and the Peace Process in the Middle East (Time)
      Discusses the relationship between efforts to reduce international terrorism, lead by the USA, and the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. 11-01

  8. History of the Middle East - Ottoman Empire (
      Provides an extensive history of the Ottoman Empire, from 1451 through 1922. 1-01

  9. History of the Middle East - Ottoman Empire (FORSNet)
      Provides a timeline of the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. 1-01

  10. History of the Middle East - Ottoman Empire (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information on the Ottoman Empire. 10-10

  11. -Middle East Conflict - News by Country (Al Bawaba)
      Provides news regarding the Middle East in general, as well as by country. 2-02

  12. History of the Middle East Regarding Israel (Guardian Unlimited - Brown)
      Provides a timeline, starting in 1881, describing the events leading up to the formation of Israel. Also describes the conflicts between Israelis and other Middle East countries. 4-02

  13. -Middle East Conflict - Israeli View (Jerusaleum Post)
      Provides news from an Israeli perspective.

  14. -Essay - Amos Oz Sees Two Wars in the Middle East (Guardian Unlimited - Oz)
      Provides a view from the Jewish novelist, Amos Oz, that we must be clear to distinguish two wars. "Two Palestinian-Israeli wars have erupted in this region. One is the Palestinian nation's war for its freedom from occupation and for its right to independent statehood. Any decent person ought to support this cause. The second war is waged by fanatical Islam, from Iran to Gaza and from Lebanon to Ramallah, to destroy Israel and drive the Jews out of their land. Any decent person ought to abhor this cause."

      He concludes that Israel must withdraw from Palestinian territories for moral reasons. If withdrawal does not end the war with fanatics, then he argues that Israel can continue to fight the second war with full moral authority. 4-02

  15. Middle East

  16. Middle East History (Avalon Project at the Yale Law School)
      Provides a history of the Middle East going back to 4000bce.

  17. -Middle East Conflict (BBC News)
      Provides news on the Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

  18. Essay - Middle East Conflict (The Nation - Falk)
      "I was a member of a human rights inquiry appointed by the UN Human Rights Commission a year ago." "The basic conclusion of these efforts at impartial understanding was that Israel was mainly responsible for the escalations [of violence], and that its tactics of response involved massive violations of international humanitarian law."

      He also argues that past peace offers to Palestinians reflected the realities of power and control of the Israelis over the Palestinians and not international law. The past offers, he argues, would never have provided an independent Palestinian state, but rather a Palestinian state that was under the control of Israel. 5-02

  19. History of the Middle East From 1300 BCE to the Present (
      Provides a general timeline from 1917 and another more detailed timeline going back to 1300 BCE.

  20. -Middle East Conflict - Palestinian View (Palestine Daily)
      Provides news on the Middle East conflict from a Palestinian view.

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