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  1. -07-26-09 Iraq Tries to Arrest GIs (MSNBC News)
      "When insurgents attacked an American convoy with AK-47 rounds and a couple of grenades on a dusty highway in a Baghdad suburb this week, U.S. soldiers returned fire, chased the suspects through narrow alleyways and raided houses."

      "Tuesday's clash killed two Iraqi adults and a 14-year-old and wounded four people, including two children."

      "When the shooting subsided, another confrontation began. A senior Iraqi army commander who arrived at the scene concluded that the Americans had fired indiscriminately at civilians and ordered his men to take the U.S. soldiers into custody. The U.S. military said the soldiers had acted in self-defense and had sought to avoid civilian casualties; U.S. commanders at the scene persuaded the Iraqis to back down." 07-09

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  1. Amnesty International Slams U.S. (CBS News)
      "The United States is riding roughshod over human rights by outsourcing key anti-terror work in Iraq to private contractors, who operate beyond Iraqi law and outside the military chain of command, Amnesty International said Tuesday." 05-06

  2. Editorial: Death of a Fighter for Truth (
      "As one of Iraq’s most gifted journalists, Atwar Bahjat covered many funerals, capturing the grief, indignation and fury of countless mourners struggling to comprehend their country’s descent into sectarian conflict."

      "Yesterday her own funeral made news when the procession through Baghdad was attacked, first by a gunman and then by a bomber." 02-06

  3. Iraq's Refugee Crisis Worsens (CBS News)
      "Every day, thousands of war-weary, frightened, and desperate Iraqis stream across the border into Syria - which, until now, has been one of the few countries that have opened their doors to the refugees." 09-07

  4. Iraqi Journalists Risk Their Lives (
      "Reporters Without Borders counts 68 reporters and cameramen killed so far trying to cover Iraq at war; if translators and other assistants are counted the total is 86, making this the deadliest conflict for journalists since World War II." 05-06

  5. Iraqi Merchants Take Issue With McCain's Remarks on Security (MSNBC News)
      "On a two-day visit to Iraq, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) declared after a short walk in a market that Baghdad was becoming safer under a new security plan. But after his departure, Iraqi merchants and U.S. military officials said his upbeat assessment is far from the reality they experience every day." 04-07

  6. Kidnapping a Big Problem in Iraq (New York Times)
      "Kidnapping has flourished here [in Iraq] since the fall of Saddam Hussein, as insurgents, militias and criminal gangs have taken advantage of the breakdown in social order. Iraq has caught up with the traditional world leaders in kidnapping — like Colombia, Mexico and Brazil — and may have surpassed them. The vast majority of victims are Iraqis. Between 5 and 30 are abducted every day according to figures maintained by the American Embassy in Baghdad, though Iraqi and American officials acknowledge that any estimate is merely guesswork since most kidnappings go unreported." 05-06

  7. Leading Sunni Cleric Gives His Formula for Success in Iraq (
      Harith al-Dari, head of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Iraq's top Sunni cleric gives his view on how the civil war in Iraq can be ended: "For there to be any meaningful reconciliation, he says, the government must first dismantle the interior and defense ministries, which are currently controlled by Shi'ite parties, and bring back some senior officers from the old army. 'Once these ministries are under the control of professionals instead of sectarian interests, you will see peace returning quickly,' he says. 'And then the Americans can leave with their dignity and leave us with ours.' " 05-07

  8. Massive Migration From Iraq (MSNBC News)
      "Nearly 2 million Iraqis -- about 8 percent of the prewar population -- have embarked on a desperate migration, mostly to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. The refugees include large numbers of doctors, academics and other professionals vital for Iraq's recovery." 02-07

  9. Rebuilding Iraq, One Book at a Time (ABC News)
      "Instead of selling back their textbooks to the bookstore or letting them gather dust in their basement, students at a handful of universities are donating their used books to Iraq's war-torn capital."

      "The program, 'Books for Baghdad,' collects and distributes textbooks in science, mathematics and technology (some of the few subjects taught in English in the Middle East) and transports them to the University of Baghdad and its library in Iraq." 05-06

  10. Rep. Murtha: Marines Killed Women and Children "In Cold Blood" (CNN News)
      "A decorated Marine colonel turned anti-war congressman has said Marines killed at least 30 innocent Iraqi civilians 'in cold blood' in Haditha in November, suggesting the death toll may be twice as high as originally reported."

      "An Iraqi human rights group, Hammurabi Human Rights Association, caught the scene on video, which was obtained by Time magazine. A criminal investigation ensued." 05-06

  11. Report: Iraq's Humanitarian Crisis (MSBC News)
      "A new investigation obtained by NBC News says there is another humanitarian crisis in Iraq — displaced people inside the country — and gives the United States and United Nations failing grades for helping them with their most basic needs."

      " 'The future is dark, not only for my children, it is for the next generation if the situation stays the same,' Ghazi says."

      "Now they are among 1.9 million Iraqis displaced in their own land — in effect, by ethnic cleansing." 03-07

  12. Report: Iraq's Oil Reserves May Be Double of Former Estimates (MSNBC News)
      "Iraq’s oil reserves could be nearly twice as large as previously estimated, containing more than 200 billion barrels, a new analysis of the war-torn country’s oil resources says." 04-07


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