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Saudi Arabia


  1. Saudi Arabia ( - Rosenberg)
      Provides sources of maps, statistics, the flag, government and military information, and information on the economy. 2-01

  1. -Arabic Translation of the Web - English Instructions ( star
      Provides online translations of the Web. To view the Web through the Awesome Library, put the URL of the Awesome Library ( in the URL box, select Translate, and you will be started. You will need to have Arabic fonts loaded in your browser in order to see the Arabic. You may, of course, start with a Web page other than the Awesome Library. 7-02

  2. Awesome Library in Arabic ( star
      Provides the Awesome Library in Arabic. 7-02

  1. Saudi Arabian News (
      Provides news, mostly developed in the West, related to Saudi Arabia. 10-01

  1. Abdullah, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Christian Science Monitor)
      Provides a short biography of the Crown Prince. Includes a picture. 10-01

  2. Confronting the Culture of Violence in Saudi Arabia (BBC News - Saleh)
      "In the US, politicians and commentators have accused Saudi Arabia's mixture of autocratic rule and puritanical Wahabi Islam of providing a fertile breeding ground for fanaticism and violence."

      "Rising violence and intolerance anger liberals and moderates. Within the country, the attacks have spurred liberals and moderate Islamists to openly express their dismay at what they consider an expanding 'culture of violence' promoted by religious radicals." 6-03

  3. History and Culture of Saudi Arabia (Library of Congress)
      Provides a history of the country, including culture, government, economy, and more. Also includes geographic information. 1-02

  4. History of Modern Relations Between the USA and Saudi Arabia (PBS - Frontline)
      Provides a timeline of key events marking the relationship between the USA and Saudia Arabia. 1-02

  5. Ibn Sa'ud, Founder of Saudi Arabia (Britannica Online)
      Provides a biography of the first ruler of Saudia Arabia. "Ibn Sa'ud decided, in the years before World War I, to revive his dynasty's support for Wahhabism, an extremist Muslim puritan revival." Editor's Note - the Wahhabism form of Muslim is the official religion of Saudi Arabia today. Visitors sometimes misspell as Saud and Wahabism. 10-01

  6. Saudi Arabia (Economist)
      Provides a short history of the country, with an emphasis on its economy. 10-01

  7. Saudi Arabia and al Qaeda (Weekly Standard - Wurmser)
      Provides a history of the relationship between Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, Osama bin Laden, and the al Qaeda terrorist network. 10-01

  8. US-Saudi Conflict Helps Terrorists (Christian Science Monitor)
      Describes the conflict of interests of the Saudi royal family and the US government and how the conflict benefits the terrorists. 10-01


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