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Fossil Fuels

Coal Ash Spills
Green Cars
Methane Hydrates
Natural Gas
Oil Fracking
Oil Sands
Oil Shale and Tight Oil

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  1. -Map of U.S. Energy Sources (U.S. Energy Information Administration) star
      Provides a breakdown of U.S. energy sources, including coal, natural gas, oil, wind, solar, nuclear, and biomass. Includes companies or agencies providing the energy. (Loads slowly.)

  2. -Natural Gas-Fired Power Plants Are Replacing Coal-Fired Plants (ABC News)
      "To be sure, environmental regulations designed to make coal-fired power plants cleaner are raising costs for the industry and having an effect, but the 'war on coal' is coming less from the Obama administration than from natural gas, say some experts."

      "Coal-fired power plants and coal mines are being shuttered at an unprecedented pace mainly because the price of natural gas has dropped so far that it has made coal power uncompetitive. Specifically, electricity from natural gas power plants comes at less than half the cost of electricity from coal generators. As utility executives hustle to remain competitive in the deregulated marketplace, they are increasingly turning to the cheaper alternative, power market experts say."

      Editor's Note: Climate experts have identified coal-fired power plants as the largest source of CO2 in the air and they have identified excessive CO2 in the air as the largest cause of climate change. 09-12

  3. Electric Power Sources by Type in the United States (
      Provides statistics for electric power by type in the United States from 1999 to 2010. 12-12

  4. Energy Information Information for the USA (U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Information Administration)
      Provides an energy profile of the USA. "The United States of America is the world's largest energy producer, consumer, and net importer. It also ranks twelfth worldwide in reserves of oil, sixth in natural gas, and first in coal." 8-02


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