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  1. Carbon Costs for Peatland Conversion (
      "A study has quantified emissions from clearing peat-swamp forest in Southeast Asia for palm-oil plantations." 03-11

  2. Moscow Under Siege From Peat Bog Fires (New York Times)
      "Perhaps the most noxious and dangerous characteristic of peat fires is their heavy smoke. In a surface fire, the heat forces the smoke plume into the atmosphere. But in a peat fire, with its relatively cool surface temperatures, the smoke hugs the ground, seeping into homes, choking lungs and stopping flights at airports."

      "All countries with peat the four largest are Russia, Canada, the United States and Indonesia, according to Mr. Rein experience peat fires, he said. Fires are more common in tropical peat than in boreal peat, he said, though global warming may change that." 08-10

  3. Peat Bog Fires a Major Source of Pollution (
      "Fixing Russia's peat bogs will do us all a favour because even when it isn't burning, dried-out peat is a disaster. Clearing, draining and setting fire to peatlands for forestry and agriculture releases more than 3bn tons of carbon dioxide each year, equivalent to a gigantic 7% of global emissions from all fossil fuels. There's more carbon locked away in the world's bogs and mires than in all the trees put together." 08-10


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