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  1. Autos Under Vocational and Technical
  2. Green Autos
  3. Highway Safety
  4. Hybrid Vehicles
  5. Road Rage
  1. Ask the Car Experts (CarTalk - Tom and Ray)
      Provides answers to practical questions about maintaining and repairing an automobile. Includes a search engine so you can search by topic, such as "steering." 2-00

  2. Automobiles - New and Used (DealerNet)
      Provides a search engine to find new and used cars. 11-01

  3. Autos - Fuel Cell Power (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources of information on fuel cells for powering automobiles. Fuel cells do not pollute, are inexpensive to operate, and should provide as much convenience as internal combustion engines. 5-01

  4. Compare Cars (
      Provides a search engine and a program to build a car to specifications. 6-04

  5. Speed 0-60 (Zero to 60 Times)
      "There are a great deal of factors that affect the HYUNDAI cars 0-60 stats, so different sources may test the same vehicle and each may arrive at a unique 0-60 mph and quarter mile result. Zero to 60 times .com does not guarantee the accuracy or validity of the any of the HYUNDAI 0-60 mph times." 07-11

  1. Automobile Value (Autoweb)
      Provides estimates of car values and also allows purchases online.

  1. -Articles by Category (
      Provides 41 subcategories of articles. 1-07

  2. 10 Cars that Depreciate Fast (
      The generation of 7-series [BMW] that came just before the iDrive cars is perhaps one of the most gorgeous designs of any sedan–ever. Its lines are timeless. But it's not worth much. We found a 2001 740i (the final year for the model) with 160,964 miles that sold for a mere $4900." 08-11

  3. 2008 Ranking of Cars and Trucks (U.S. News)
      Provides a ranking for cars and trucks for 2008. 03-08

  4. 2009 Honda Fit Ranked #1 Affordable Small Car (U.S. News)
      "Honda's reputation for solid engineering translates well to the made-over Fit, writers say. Most had fun on their test drives with the car's beefier engine and a stiffer suspension." 03-08

  5. 2009 Ranking of Cars and Trucks (U.S. News)
      Provides a ranking for cars and trucks for 2009. 03-08

  6. 2010 Ranking of "Best-for-the-Money" Cars and Trucks (U.S. News)
      Provides a ranking for cars and trucks for 2010. 02-10

  7. Auto Repairs ( - Ciulla)
      Provides a glossary of terms, location of repair books for different makes and models of cars, and more. 3-01

  8. Auto Repairs: Confessions of an Auto Mechanic (CNN News)
      "I recently caught up with an auto mechanic who agreed to give me some honest answers about the car repair industry in exchange for a little bit of anonymity." 02-08

  9. Autos - Hybrid Toyota Prius for 2004 (
      "The Prius has been completely redesigned and re-engineered for 2004, and the technology in this newest iteration is way ahead of the 2003 Prius as well as anything any other manufacturer has to offer." The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions. 1-04

  10. Autos - Popular Mechanics
  11. Autos - The Least Polluting Models (
      Provides a list of the 12 best automobiles for low pollution levels. 08-08

  12. Best Depreciation Value Vehicles (
      Lists cars with the best ratings on depreciation by type. 7-04

  13. Buying a Sport-Utility Vehicle (MSN Autos)
      Recommends options for the purchase of an SUV. 02-06

  14. Car Reviews (
      Provides reviews by editors, consumers, top 10 picks, and more. 6-04

  15. Car Road Service (American Automobile Association)
      Provides information on the AAA regarding road services. 7-05

  16. Car Theft (Awesome Library)
      Provides information on car theft. 8-05

  17. Cars Getting 30 or More MPG Highway (
      "Find the best 30-40 MPG new cars at We’ve done the research for you, now enjoy all the information at your finger tips including photos, specs, reviews, pricing and much more." 08-10

  18. Cars and Trucks by Type (
      Lists cars and trucks by type. 2-05

  19. Compare Cars ( - Kelley Blue Book)
      Provides MSRP and invoice values of new and used cars. 12-04

  20. Compare Cars (US News)
      Ranks and reviews vehicles. 10-07

  21. Compares Three High "Miles per Gallon" Cars (
      Compares the Mazda 3, the Toyota Matrix, and the Hyundai Elantra. 09-08

  22. Comparison of Automobiles (
      Provides comparisons of cars by model, price, and other criteria. 6-01

  23. Detailing a Car - Claying (
      "Claying is a process that is new to the world of automotive detailing and has found enthusiastic acceptance. It's not hard to understand why, as its resume reads like a miracle cure, and after reading it you may think that it's too good to be true. But claying delivers." 6-05

  24. Ford Fusion Hybrid Takes Top Award at Auto Show (MSNBC News)
      "Ford's Fusion Hybrid midsize sedan took top car honors and its versatile Transit Connect compact van snagged truck of the year at the Detroit auto show." 01-10

  25. Games (Women's Auto Help Center)
      Provides two dozen sources of online games.

  26. Guide to New Cars and Trucks (Popular Mechanics)Reviews the 2002 vehicles. 1-02

    • How to Avoid Accidentally Leaving a Baby or Toddler in the Car (CNN News)
        "First and foremost, always put your cell phone, purse, or briefcase, and anything else you'll need that day, on the floor of the backseat. When you retrieve it at the end of the ride, you'll notice your child."

        "Invest in a device to help you remember small passengers. The Cars-N-Kids monitor plays a lullabye when the car stops and a child is in the seat ($29.95). The ChildMinder System sounds an alarm if you walk away and leave your child in the seat ($69.95)." 07-10

    • Lowest "True Cost to Own" Vehicles (
        Lists cars estimated to cost least for 5 years by type. 7-04

    • Lowest True Cost to Own Cars and Trucks (
        Provides a list of cars and trucks estimated to have the least cost to own over five years. 06-06

    • Negotiating New Car Price (
        Provides a "low price" that includes discounts for dealers for use in negotiations. 10-07

    • New Corolla and Matrix Announced for 2009 (Popular
        "The all-new 2009 Toyota Corolla was unveiled today at SEMA, and its redesign makes it an even stronger contender in the subcompact market. A new 1.8 liter engine with Dual VVT-I (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) produces 132 hp, and achieves preliminary EPA numbers of 27/35 city/highway. A 158-hp 2.4 liter powerplant is available in the XRS model, and transmission choices include a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed Electronically Controlled Transmission (ECT.)" 10-07

    • Philbert the Puddle Jumper (Popular - Jay Leno)
        Bob Shotwell "recalled that he asked his father for a car as he was about to graduate from high school in the early 1930s. But his dad replied that if he wanted a car, he should build one. So, 17-year-old Bob scrounged parts and made his own car. It was a little three-wheeled coupe powered by a 77.2-cu.-in. four-cylinder 1931 Indian motorcycle engine. Bob called it Philbert the Puddle Jumper. He and his brother, Edward, made headlines in local newspapers in the Northwest when they drove it on a 6000-plus-mile jaunt. He told me that he eventually racked up 150,000 miles on it." 10-07

    • Recommended Cars (
        Provides recommendations by Consumer Reports. 12-04

    • Safety Features Recommended for a Car (
        "If you're in the market for a family hauler, you'll no doubt want to know which safety features will most benefit you and your brood. Here are 10 we think you should consider:" 7-05

    • Spotting Trouble at a Dealership (
        "Having a good car buying experience means choosing the right dealership. But how do you know, at a glance, if a dealership is going to treat you well? We've compiled a list of tip-offs to help you spot the bad dealerships, so you can go elsewhere before you get too deep in the process." 7-05

    • Stolen Car Prevention Installation (
        "When you leave the car, push the button that arms your system. You hear your doors lock, and a siren chirp tells you your vehicle is protected. If you've accidentally left a door ajar, the system alerts you with a different sound." 8-04

    • Toyota Echo Review (Popular Mechanics)Reviews the 2001 version of the economy car. 1-02

      • Toyota Scion Xa Hatchback (
          Describes a new fuel-efficient hatchback that is rated as 31 mpg cityi and 37 mpg highway. 7-04

      • Toyota Scion Xb Wagon (
          Describes a new fuel-efficient wagon. 7-04

      • Toyota Scion Xb Wagon (
          Provides specifications for the wagon that is rated as 30 mpg city and 34 mpg highway. 7-04

      • Trade In Value for Cars (
          Provides the trade-in value for cars. 8-04

      • World's Cheapest Car Debuts (
          "The Nano is going on sale at Tata's 470 outlets in India; the base model does indeed carry a sticker price of Rs 100,000 [$2,000]." 03-09

      • World's Cheapest Car: Details (
          "Does it have enough power to pass a truck on the highway?"

          "Maybe a small truck. The Nano can do 0 to 100 km in 23 seconds. For most regular city driving, the two-cylinder engine would be fine, but it loses some of its power when the AC is running." 03-09

      • World's Fatest and Most Expensive Factory-Built Car (ABC News)
          "When your car costs more than $1.2 million, travels over 230 mph, and hits 62 mph in 2.5 seconds, you do not sit in a passenger cabin — you sit in a 'survival cell.' " "The 'survival cell' is the heart of the Bugatti Veyron, billed as the world's fastest, most expensive and most exclusive factory-built car. It will arrive in the United States beginning early next year." 12-05

      1. AutoWeek Online
      2. Car and Driver Magazine 2-00
      Purchase Resources
      1. Buy or Lease New Autos Online (Auto-by-Tel)
          Provides a search engine to find new and used cars. 11-01

      2. Car Lease Tips (ABC News)
          Provides suggestions and recommendations when leasing a new car. 11-06

      3. History of a Used Car (
          Provides a history of a used car, such as accidents, flooding, salvage, and more. You must supply the car's VIN number (factory registration number), which is located on the dash near the windshield on the driver's side. Awesome Library does not endorse this service, but provides it as an example.

      4. Stolen Car Prevention Program (
          "LoJack is the only recovery system operated by local and state law enforcement agencies. LoJack even supplies the mobile tracking computers that police departments use in recovering LoJack-equipped vehicles." 8-04

      5. Subcompact Cars Fare Poorly in Crash Tests (
          "IIHS said the Fiat 500 was also one of the worst performers. The crash force ripped the door hinges off the 500, causing it to fall open during the test."

          "Spokesman Eric Maybe said the Fiat 500 meets all government safety requirements and, like the Fit, gets 'good' ratings in all four of the institute’s other crash tests." 01-14

      6. Time's 50 Worst Automobiles in History (
          Describes a history of 50 cars that did not do well or did do well to our possible regret. 07-08

      7. Touch Up Paint (
          "PaintScratch specializes in original factory touch up paint for your car, truck or SUV." 6-05

      8. Unusual Car Designs (
          Provides unusual designs. 10-09

      9. Windshield Repairs (
          Provides repairs. Awesome Library does not endorse this service, but provides it as an example. 10-09


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