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Authentic Assessment

  1. Authentic Assessment (NCREL)
      "Authentic assessment is any type of assessment that requires students to demonstrate skills and competencies that realistically represent problems and situations likely to be encountered in daily life. Students are required to produce ideas, to integrate knowledge, and to complete tasks that have real-world applications. Such approaches require the person making the assessment to use human judgment in the application of criterion-referenced standards (Archbald, 1991). Authentic assessment is a contrast to traditional educational testing and evaluation, which focuses on reproducing information such as memorized dates, terms, or formulas." 10-05

  2. Authentic Assessment (Teacher Vision)
      "Authentic assessment aims to evaluate students' abilities in 'real-world' contexts. In other words, students learn how to apply their skills to authentic tasks and projects."

  3. Rubrics (
      "Rubrics are excellent grading tools. Rubrics can help cut down on grading time while ensuring more objective grading practices. Learn more about the creation and use of rubrics." 10-05


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