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Assessment Information

Authentic Assessment
Program Evaluation
School Report Cards

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  1. Math By Grade Level and Standard (Awesome Library)
  2. School Improvement
  1. Aligning Standards Across the Curriculum
  2. Educational Testing Service
      Provides testing information. 10-09

  3. Quizzes Based on McREL Standards (
      Provides quizzes.

  1. Evaluation Handbook (W.K. Kellogg Foundation)
      Provides a comprehensive evaluation manual, by one of the world's largest foundations focusing on youth and education issues. Uses PDF format. 09-10

  2. NWREL Evaluation and Assessment
  3. No Child Left Behind Act (Thomas)
      Provides H.R. 1, new education legislation enacted in January 2002. The Act focuses heavily on improvement of assessment and then, if a school fails to meet standards, alternatives for parents. The official title of the act is "To close the achievement gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice, so that no child is left behind." 1-02

  4. Oral Communication Assessment (NWREL)
      Provides a rubric for assessing oral communication. In PDF format. 9-01

  5. Program Evaluation Standards (Western Michigan University - The Joint Committee for Standards for Educational Evaluation)
      Provides the standards for program evaluation studies. 3-03

  6. School Dropout Statistics (Intercultural Development Research Association)
      Summarizes national school dropout statistics. 2-02

  7. Science - Evaluating Hands-On Experiences (NCREL - Haury and Rillero)
      Provides teachers with methods and a rubric for evaluating hands-on science activities.

  8. Six Plus One Traits of Writing Assessment
      Provides samples of student writing and shows how they were scored, along with comments. Also provides access to a PDF version of the scoring rubric for Six Traits plus 1.

  9. Test Implicit Bias - Examples (NWREL - Kuykendall)
      Provides examples of test bias for persons of diverse minority groups. 3-02

  10. Voluntary National Tests (US Dept of Education)
Purchase Resources
  1. Plagiarism Prevention (
      Provides an analysis of research papers and essays to determine if the student copied part or all of it from an existing Web resource. Sometimes visitors misspell as plaigerism, plaigarism, or plagerism. 4-00

  1. -Classroom Math Standards (Awesome Library)
  2. -Classroom Math Standards - Elementary Level by Grade (Awesome Library)
  3. -Classroom Math Standards - Middle-High School Level by Subject (Awesome Library)
  4. Early Childhood Program Accreditation
      "For more than 80 years, the National Association for the Education of Young Children has worked to raise the quality of programs for all children from birth through age eight. A major part of NAEYC's efforts to improve early childhood education is through different systems of accreditation for programs that are committed to meeting national standards of quality...." 10-09

  5. National Assessment of Progress (NAEP)
      Provides the Nation's Report Card, an assessment of educational progress in the United States.

  6. Science Standards (National Academy of Sciences)
      Includes examples. 4-02

  7. Sites Offering Academic and Skill Standards

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