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Law Enforcement Officers

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  1. Convicting the Innocent
  1. Injury Statistics for a Police Officer in Queensland, Australia (Queensland Government)
      Provides an image of a human profile indicating where on the person the injuries occur. 11-09

  2. The Rise of Privatized Policing (Truth-Out)
      "Detroit's desperate, increased reliance on private security and a private-public surveillance partnership in monitoring dissenters provides a model backdrop to the kind of crisis capitalism at work not just in Detroit, but across the United States, as the ranks of privatized police forces continue to surge since the September 11, 2001, attacks, now dwarfing the public sector as budgets for police departments experience cuts throughout the nation." 04-15

  3. The Truth About Lie Detection (
      "Outside the ideal setting of a laboratory, lie detection is even more difficult. Part of the problem is the myths out there on lie-telling."

      "Liars do not look down or look to the left. They do not shift from side to side. They don't fidget. Actually, liars often hold themselves still, restraining their movements so that they appear truthful. And liars don't get nervous, because they're sure you believe them. (In comparison, shy, truth-telling introverts often get anxious during a confrontation and thus mistakenly get accused of lying.)"

      "The University of Portsmouth's Dr. Alvert Vrij has studied videotapes of police interrogations of murder and rape suspects. His team found scant differences between truth tellers and liars. The liars blinked a little less; they moved their arms a little less; and they paused a little more before answering. That was about it." 12-09


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