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Road Rage

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  1. -05-14-07 Road Rage on the Increase (MSNBC News)
      "Road rage and roadway congestion are familiar scenarios for millions of American drivers, and they're not getting any better. A 2006 Transportation Research Board report noted that congestion is increasing in intensity, extent and duration. Average one-way travel time for commuters in 2000 was 25.5 minutes, three minutes more than in 1990." 01-07

  1. Aggressive Driving - Three Studies (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - Rathbone and Huckabee)
      Reports the results of three studies on aggressive driving. 3-00

  2. Aggressive Driving Laws by State (
      Provides a summary table. 01-07

  3. Controlling Road Rage (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - Rathbone and Huckabee)
      Provides a review of literature on attempts to curb road rage, as well as the results of a pilot study. 3-00

  4. Controlling Road Rage (Healtheon and WebMD - Davis)
      Provides results of a study that showed that two forms of therapy can help reduce road rage. 3-00

  5. Road Rage (
      "Road rage is a term used to refer to violent behavior by a driver of an automobile, which thus causes accidents or incidents on roadways. It can be thought of as an extreme case of aggressive driving." 01-07

  6. Road Rage - Causes and Dangers ( - Fumento) 1
      Provides a summary of expert opinions relating to the causes and dangers of Road Rage, expressing anger to other drivers on the road.

  7. Road Rage - Teen's Experience (Scoggins)
      Provides a clear example of the dangers of road rage from the experience of one teen.

  8. Road Rage Control and Prevention ( - Pepper)
      Suggests ways to prevent or control road rage. 11-01

  9. Road Rage Prevention (Adams) star
      Provides suggestions on how to handle road rage and prevent injury from others.

  10. Sorry Signs (ThankYouand
      "Controlled by wireless remote, it allows you to flash the "THANK YOU" and "SORRY" signs from the convenience of the driver seat. Both courtesy flashing signs are embedded within the same panel and powered by LED technology. This ingenious device offers you the ability to express your courtesy to other drivers sharing the road. Go ahead and nip Road Rage in the bud!"

      Editor's Note: The sellers recommend placing the sign in the rear window. We, however, recommend keeping signs in the driver's map pocket in the driver's door to keep from obstructing the driver's view.

  1. Road Rage - Solutions (Geller and Beasley)
      Provides a progress report on a study to find a safe and effective method for communication between cars to reduce road rage. 4-03


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