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  1. Scoliosis Resources (Scoli Girls Unite)
      Provides Web links for teenage girls with scoliosis. "Scoliosis is defined as the lateral curvature of the spine." 4-02

  1. DNA Diagnosis for Scoliosis Treatment (MSNBC News)
      "New research published in the journal Spine reports that the test is 99 percent accurate in predicting which sufferers of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, or AIS, are least likely to develop curves serious enough to require surgery."

      "The test, dubbed SCOLISCORE, also can indicate accurately when patients have an intermediate or high risk, but because those kids need intensive monitoring, the study focused on identifying those with lowest risk." 12-10

  2. Diagnosis and Treatment for Scoliosis (University of Washington Department of Radiology - Richardson)
      Provides numerous drawings to describe various conditions and treatments. "Most curves can be treated nonoperatively if they are detected before they become too severe. However, 60 % of curvatures in rapidly growing prepubertal children will progress. Therefore, scoliosis screening is done in schools across America and several other countries. This screening is probably not necessary until the fifth grade." "Currently, scoliosis is treated successfully by special braces, electrical stimulation, surgery, or by combinations of these three techniques." 4-02

  3. National Scoliosis Foundation
      Provides articles.

  4. Scoliosis - Introduction (Scoliosis Research Society)
      Describes scoliosis and provides photos to illustrate. See "Patients and Family."


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