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  1. News - Computer Magazines
  1. Comprehensive Shareware Listing
  1. Acrobat File Reader (
      Provides a free copy of the Adobe reader for PDF files. 10-09

  2. Adobe Acrobat Viewer (
      Provides a reader for PDF files. 10-09

  3. Awesome Talking Library (Awesome Library) star
      Converts online text into spoken words through the Awesome Talkster program. Awesome Talkster has one of the clearest synthesized voices on the Web.

      Converting online text into speech has many uses. For example, Talkster can speak online stories or books to children while an adult supervises. The voice can be put in "Boy" or "Girl" mode to add a character with a bubble over his or her head. The bubble will show each word as it is spoken and the voice can be put on "slow" for your child to follow. Talkster can thereby assist your child in learning how to pronounce words while reading.

      Talkster is also useful for adults. It can speak news articles to you in one open browser while you are searching for information in another browser window.

      For persons with visual impairments or poor coordination, Talkster can be navigated with keystrokes.

      The Web can be navigated using a version of Awesome Library in a different language, such as Spanish, while using a voice for that language that is available through the Awesome Talkster. Links to different language versions of the Awesome Library are available at the bottom of most Awesome Library pages. Links to free voices for different languages can be found on the Awesome Talking Library's help page. 9-02

  4. Bios Upgrades (Wim's Bios)
      Provides links to upgrade your Bios. Warning - This should be done by someone quite familiar with the process. Errors can be disasterous for your data. 3-00  

  5. Browser - Alexa
      Provides an alternative browser that provides information on each page you visit, such as how many visits it has received.

  6. Browser - Mozilla (
      Provides a free browser to compete with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. 6-02

  7. Browser Accelerator (Netsonic)
      Uses cache technology to store frequently visited sites on your PC and then only load the portions of the site that changed when you visit it next. Netsonic states that this reduces the number of trips to the site and the time to load. According to Netsonic's data, you can expect to gain more than double the speed in downloading sites you visit regularly.

  8. Browser I-Comm
      Provides a shareware browser that does not require a SLIP or PPP connection.

  9. Browsers - Opera
      Provides a 30-day trial, 50 percent off the 35 dollar price for students and educational institutions. CNet states - "Opera is a slim yet rock-solid, race car of a browser. Depending on your needs, it may be the best browser you'll find from any vendor. (1/21/98)"

  10. Bulletin Board Software (
      Provides free software for a bulletin board on the Web. 1-01

  11. Bulletin Board Software - Ultimate (
      Provides Ultimate Bulletin Board software in trial form with limited features. 1-01

  12. Downloading (
      Provides software that improves the speed of downloading files. 10-00

  13. Editor for Text Files (ASCII) (
      Edits files that are in simple text format. Dictionaries included in English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. 9-00

  14. Email Improvement (DeKeles)
      Describes 4 software programs that can enhance your use of email.

  15. Engineering, Scientific and Financial Calculator for Windows (
      Provides free calculator software that operates with Windows. 2-02

  16. FTP - CuteFTP
      Provides software to download or upload files using FTP.

  17. FTP - FTPPro (
      Provides software to download or upload files using FTP. Allows moving entire directories at a time.

  18. FileMaker Pro Updates
      Provides updates to the database. 7-04

  19. Firewall (
      Provides a free firewall, ZoneAlarm software, to protect your computer when you are online with a cable modem or DSL. 10-00

  20. Internet Explorer (Microsoft)
  21. Latest Research and Development (IBM)
      Provides news on research. 10-09

  22. Links - Find Dead Links (LinkScan)
      Provides a record of links that are broken. Has a free demonstration version.

  23. Microsoft Office Updates (
      Provides updates. 7-04

  24. Modeling Software - 3D (
      Provides free 3D software. 1-05

  25. Netscape Home Page
  26. Online Storage (
      Provides free online storage of information. 1-01

  27. WinSCP Securre FTP Downloads (WinSCP)
      Provides software to download or upload files using secure FTP. 04-06

  1. Voice Phone and Sound Software
  1. Bulletin Board Setup (
      Provides instructions on setting up a bulletin board. Also provides a list of possible features under the comparison category. 1-01

  2. Email - Anti-Spam Law (
      "The Can-Spam Act of 2003 (an acronym for 'Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing') pre-empts more than 30 state laws, bringing much-needed uniformity to the legal effort to combat spam." The law does not ban commerical email solicitations, but "the law mandates the use of accurate headers in e-mail messages, requires procedures for recipients to opt out of future e-mails and forbids the practice of e-mail address harvesting." 12-03

  3. Ethical Hackers (ABC News)
      Describes the role of the ethical hacker in improving electronic security. 2-05

  4. Internet and Computer Technology Definitions (
      Provides a dictionary and search engine. 11-04

  5. Software Reviews (
      Provides reviews. 10-09

  6. Utilities - Reviews (PC Magazine)
      Provides reviews of a wide range of utilities.

  7. Utilities - Reviews of Performance Enhancers (PC Magazine)
      Provides a review of 6 performance enhancers. Concludes that the CD speed enhancers are a value and the others are probably not.

  8. Utilities - System Optimization (System Optimization)
      Provides tools to check and adjust hardware and software. Care should be taken because some adjustments, such as changing Bios settings, can make your computer inoperable if done incorrectly.

  1. Computer Product Reviews (ZDNet)
Purchase Resources
  1. Advertising Blocker (
      Blocks ads on the Web. 6-02

  2. Bookstore (Awesome Library)
      Provides books from four sources.

  3. Bulletin Board Software - Ultimate (
      Provides Ultimate Bulletin Board software. 1-01

  4. Drive Copy - Transfers Hard Disk Information (PowerQuest)
      Allows information and settings from one hard disk to be transferred to another, such as when upgrading a computer. 9-01

  5. Educational Software (Soft4U)
      Provides significant discounts for teachers, students and educational institutions.

  6. Educational Software for Very Young Children (High-Value Technologies)
      Sells software for teachers, students and very young children.

  7. Egghead Software
      Sells software. 11-01

  8. HTML Editor - Homesite (Allaire)
      Provides HTML editing for the Web professional. 8-99

  9. Internet Filtering Software and Controls Guarding (
      Provides Internet filtering software that also allows guarding of system controls. 6-03

  10. PartitionMagic (PowerQuest)
      Provides software to partition a hard disk drive. 11-01

  11. Programs for Processing Shareware Purchases (
      Compares costs of companies that provide financial processing services for software companies providing downloadable software. 10-02

  12. Software (TUCOWS)
  13. Sound Enhancements Software -DFX (
      Maker claims that the DFX software will improve sound quality. Awesome Library does not endorse this software, but provides it as an example. 6-03

  14. Speed Enhancements for Internet Connections ( - TweakMASTER)
      Provides speed increases by changing settings for dial-up and DSL connections. This is shareware. 5-02


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