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  1. Holidays
  1. -Many Occasions (123 Cards) star
      "Send free animated or musical postcards to friends and loved ones."

  2. Birthday Cards (Wired 2000)
      Provides many selection choices. Even allows you to use a picture (GIF file) of your choice.

  3. Cards for Various Events (
      Provides an assortment of email cards for different occasions, such a birthdays. 7-99

  4. Father's Day Cards (123Greetings)
      Offers different versions for different users and different receivers. Good selection for kids.

  5. Florist (Virtual Florist)
      Send a free virtual flower bouquet or a free card. This site also offers free membership which includes address book, card history, and reminders.

  6. Flowers - Send Virtual Flowers (SCS Internet)
      Uses email to send free virtual flowers.

  7. Halloween Cards (Card4You)
      Provides cards.


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