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Windows XP

  1. Lockup of Hardware on Microsoft's XP Version (ZDNet)
      Describes the conditions under which Microsoft's XP version of Windows or Office will lockup in order for Microsoft to prevent piracy of the software. If many changes are made to your computer hardware, it may cause your system to suddenly lockup. In order to get it to unlock, you will need to get a one-time 44 digit code from Microsoft and also use your original CD to install the fix. 6-01

  2. Windows XP - Restore (Microsoft)
      Provides a restoration to hard disk to a time before a virus attacked or a mistake was made. 4-05

  3. Windows XP Upgrade Advisor (
      Provides an analysis of software and hardware on your system if you are upgrading from 9x to WP. Allows you to see where you might have problems and gain the information you need, such as the location of hardware drivers that may not automatically be supported. 11-04


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