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Virus Protection

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  1. Anti-Virus
  1. Virus Removal Software (
      Free software removes some of the more widely distributed viruses. 6-02

  2. Virus Removal Tool for Klez (
      Provides free software to remove all known forms of the Klez virus. 7-02

  1. -03-30-09 Fighting the Conficker Virus (
      "Microsoft has partnered with all the major security companies and domain registrars and registries to form the Conficker Coalition Working Group. The parties are collaborating on research, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure out who is behind the worm and how to stop it." 03-09

  2. -03-31-09 Fighting the Conficker Virus (CBS News)
      "Last year the number of infections tripled. And an entire industry of computer security professionals is in a race to keep the hackers from their goal, which is usually to steal your money."

      "One of the most dangerous threats ever, a computer worm known as "Conficker," is spreading through the Internet right now. By some estimates, 10 million computers have been infected worldwide." 03-09

  3. Electronic Frontier Foundation
      Provides information for "protecting rights and promoting freedom in the electronic frontier." 5-00

  4. Goner Worm - Getting Rid of It (Symantec - Norton AntiVirus)
      Describes a very dangerous and powerful program that attacks computers and provides instructions on getting rid of it. 11-01

  5. Virus Search (Symantec)
      Provides information on all known computer viruses and virus hoaxes, using a search engine or a directory. One of the most comprehensive listings available anywhere.

  1. Code Red Worm (CNN - Sieberg)
      Provides information on the 'Code Red worm infection. 7-01

  2. Code Red Worm and Christopher Klaus (CNN - Anderson)
      Describes the Code Red worm and profiles Christopher Klaus, one of the top worm fighters. 7-01

  3. Email Security Checker (
      Provides up to 10 tests to determine vulnerabilities to viruses in your email system. 6-02

  4. FBI-Paris Hilton Worm Year's Worst (MSNBC News)
      "It looks like an e-mail from the FBI, or a note promising pictures of Paris Hilton -- but some anti-virus companies are now calling it the most widespread computer virus outbreak of the year."

      "Sober-Y, the latest variation of a computer virus that was first released almost two years ago, surprised analysts Tuesday by gaining traction and rocketing millions of e-mails around the world." 11-05

  5. Goner Worm (CNN - Sieberg)
      Describes a very dangerous and powerful program that attacks computers. 11-01

  6. Nigerian Money Transfer Fraud (
      "The Nigerian money transfer fraud, also known as the Nigeria scam or the 419 fraud after the relevant section of the Nigerian criminal code, is a fraudulent scheme to extract money from investors living in rich countries such as the US and Europe." 11-27-02

  7. Perrun Virus Attacks Pictures (
      "A new computer virus is the first ever to infect picture files, an anti-virus firm reported Thursday, making sharing family photos on the Internet a potentially dangerous activity." "The virus, dubbed Perrun, is not currently infecting computers but worries anti-virus experts because it is the first to cross from program infection into data files, long considered safe from malicious data." 6-02

  8. Sircam Worm (Symantec)
      Provides information on the 'Sircam worm infection, as well as how to remove it. 7-01

  9. Worm Evades Anti-Virus Software (
      "The latest problem is called 'worm/MiMail.A,' also known as W32.Mimail.A@mm." "It's a mass-mailing Internet worm that started spreading late Friday afternoon, and according to Central Command, a computer security company, caught many computer systems administrators by surprise." 8-03


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