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History of the Computer
Internet for Beginners
Virus Protection
Web Page Design
Web Site Providers
Windows 10
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows XP

Also Try
  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Internet
  3. Integrating Technology
  1. Intranet in Businesses
  2. Search Engine (
      Provides searches. 10-09

  1. Computer Tune-up Online (PC Pitstop)
      Provides a diagnostic and even (with permission) some tune-up activity for your computer while you are online. Includes finding your connection speed, looking up DNS from the IP address and visa versa, and more. 11-00

  2. Dictionary of Terms
  3. Email Address for You - Permanent (iName)
      Provides you with a permanent email address. Free for one kind and a charge for another kind.

  1. 3Com and U.S. Robotics Site for 56k Modems (
  2. Advanced Search Tips (Smith)
      Provides assistance with advanced searches using seven different Web libraries or "search engines."

  3. Challenge Grants for Technology in Education (Department of Education)
      Provides announcements of grants. 10-09

  4. Faster Windows 98 (
      Provides 10 steps to making Windows 98 run faster. 9-03

  5. Gaining More Secure Connections Online (
      Provides a guide to safer online connections. 11-04

  6. Internet and Computer Technology Definitions (
      Provides a dictionary and search engine. 11-04

  7. Java - What's New with Java (Sun)
      Provides downloads and news. 2-00

  8. Nanotechnology (Merkle)
      Includes links to sites that discuss very small devices, including future computers and processors.

  9. Performance - Bios Information (System Optimization Information)
      Provides information about tuning up the Bios. WARNING - changing Bios settings can make your system inoperable.

  10. Search Engines (Webber)
      Provides numerous articles on selecting and using different search engine to find what you want using more advanced features and more refined searches.

  11. Survey of Users of the World Wide Web
  12. Technology Terms (TechWeb)
      Provides searches for over 20,000 technology terms. 9-01

  13. Toolkit for Your Browser 2 (MSNBC)
  14. Utilities (Dr Download)
      Provides downloads. 10-09

  15. World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions 10-01

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