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  1. Web Page Design
  1. -Clip Art Speed Enhancer ( star
      Improves the speed of downloading your GIF files. 2-05

  2. Clip Art Appearance Enhancer (Xara Webster)
      Improves the quality of GIF files for your Web site. Demo version rather limited in capacity.

  3. Image Manipulation (Kendrick)
      WebFX provides free online manipulation of files, creating embossed, greyscale, zoom, animation, and other effects. 8-05

  4. Image Manipulation (Pro Draw Graphics)
      Provides demo versions of over a dozen graphic tools. Includes, for example, Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, and Photomodeler Lite. Caution - Work from some demo versions cannot be saved or printed. 8-99

  1. Clip Art - Color Guide for Hue and Value (Weinman)
      Displays colors by hue and value for comparisons.

  2. Clip Art - How To (Brumbaugh)
      Provides guidance on downloading, using HTML, and other very basic information in using images.

Purchase Resources
  1. Clip Art Appearance Enhancer (Lview Pro)
      Provides a variety of tools, such as cropping or changing contrast of art. 9-05

  2. GIF Construction Set (Alchemy)
      Provides shadows for text, animations, transitions, and other special effects for your graphics.


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