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Violence and Crime

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  1. Violence and Crime
  1. -City Homicide Rate Drops Again in New York City (
      "The number of homicides on record in New York City has dropped significantly during the first half of the year ó to 154 from 202 in the same period last year ó surprising even police officials who have long been accustomed to trumpeting declining crime rates in the city." 06-13

  2. -Editorial: We Should Re-examine Violence Against Women (
      "Coker believes some of the VAWA funding now allocated to law enforcement should be redirected to prevention, job training and services that help women with the logistics of leaving their abusive partners. 'You look at the relatively miniscule amount of money going to transitional housing compared to criminal justice and itís outrageous,' says Coker. Federal funds authorized through VAWA for transitional housing in 2012 were about one-fifth the total allocated for law enforcement action. Housing is by far the most common unmet need for victims." 02-13

  3. 34 Years of Mass Shootings (
      "No one disputes that the massacre at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning, which left 49 victims dead and another 53 injured, is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history."

      "While the attack was singular in its scale, the shooting was also part of a familiar story." 06-16


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