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Safe Schools

  1. -12-16-12 Kids Ask: "Am I safe?" (
      "Itís hard to distill the Connecticut tragedy for little kids when it doesnít even make sense to adults. But at dinnertime, bedtime, during carpool and everywhere in between, children will be turning to mom and dad for reassurance that they are safe."

      "Experts vary on how proactive parents should be: some recommend against bringing up the subject unless curious or frightened children ask, although most advise parents to initiate a conversation. Either way, the key is to reassure kids and answer their questions without providing information overload. Be honest, keeping in mind your childís age, adjusting your explanations to your childrenís ability to understand. And continue with your familyís regular routine, advises Maidenberg."

      "Itís also a good idea to empower kids who feel helpless by brainstorming ways to be useful. Have your kids write letters to the students at Sandy Hook (912 Dickinson Dr., Sandy Hook, CT 06482), suggests Dodge. Make signs of support. It will help up shore up morale in Newtown, Conn., and make your kids feel useful, which in turn relieves some of the stress and fear they are feeling." 12-12

  2. Columbia College Student Protests College Policy on Assault (
      "For her senior thesis in visual arts at Columbia University, senior Emma Sulkowicz will carry around a mattress everywhere she goes as long as her rapist is enrolled at the same Ivy League school as she is. The public project reflects the fact that Sulkowicz was raped in her dorm bed at the beginning of her junior year." 09-14


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