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Data Mining

  1. -02-08-06 Feingold: Data Mining by Federal Government Needs Privacy Protections (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Amid the furor over electronic eavesdropping by the National Security Agency, Congress may be poised to expand its scrutiny of government efforts to 'mine' public data for hints of terrorist activity."

      " 'One element of the NSA's domestic spying program that has gotten too little attention is the government's reportedly widespread use of data-mining technology to analyze the communications of ordinary Americans,' said Sen. Russell Feingold (D) of Wisconsin in a Jan. 23 statement." 02-06

  1. Data Mining - Talon and Eagle Eyes Programs (
      " 'To track domestic terrorist threats against the military, the Pentagon is creating a new database that will contain 'raw, non-validated' reports of 'anomalous activities' within the United States,' Brian McWilliams reported...June 25, 2003, in Wired News."

      "Talon reports grew out of a program called Eagle Eyes, an anti-terrorist program established by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations that 'enlists the eyes and ears of Air Force members and citizens in the war on terror,' according to the program's Web site. A Pentagon spokesman recently described Eagle Eyes as a 'neighborhood watch' program for military bases."

      TALON stands for "Threat and Local Observation Notice." 03-06

  2. Data Mining for Patterns (New York Times)
      "The tools they were looking for are new, but their application would fall under the well-established practice of data mining: using mathematical and statistical techniques to scan for hidden relationships in streams of digital data or large databases."

      "But by fundamentally changing the nature of surveillance, high-tech data mining raises privacy concerns that are only beginning to be debated widely. That is because to find illicit activities it is necessary to turn loose software sentinels to examine all digital behavior whether it is innocent or not." 02-06

  3. FBI Director Upset With Google and Apple for Encryption Plans (SiteProNews)
      "Comey’s remarks come about a week after CEO Tim Cook, in an open letter to customers on the company’s new privacy page, described Apple’s protection of users’ privacy being achieved by pairing heavy encryption with strict policies to govern how customer data is handled."

      "The firm’s new privacy policy makes it very difficult to access user data because Apple does not have users’ encryption keys." 09-14


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